Spending some well earned time.

Bo began to walk up a set of stairs that led to his house. No one was home when he looked over to the bare oil stained driveway. But that was expected from a house like his, it was usually empty. Mostly because he was out doing things with his navi. And his family was out bumming around leaving him to fend for himself. But somehow the kitchen was never refilled when he was home. So he would have to either go out and look for food, or starve till the next morning so he could get some food from the school he went too. Usually he went only if he needed meals, by then he had enough zenny to pay for more then what they gave him.

Bo reached out to twist the doorknob so that he would be able to enter without having break in or stand out in the cold. But when he grabbed the knob and began to turn it, the door was locked. Bo went to check where the spare key usually was kept, which was under the doormat. But to no avail it was probably in the house or stolen. But he had nothing to worry about, he had already cut his hand up earlier today. He might as well as break a window to get in and just cut it up more.

But it was such a nice day, and he knew that he would have to face his family when they got home. So he decided to sit on the stairs, his legs were pretty much spread out to the max. His back was settled against the door, while his arm was busy reaching into his pocket. He pulled out his PET and then began to speak. His voice sounded tough and low, "American, we gots no way to get in. Were going to have to stay here until I can find a friend."

((Anyone may join, but this is so I can make friends on the site. You all know you guys wanted to be friends with American. So just join and we can interact. Also, I'm trying to enhance my roleplay to Uber level. It will take a long time, but at least I'll be able to fight more people.))
Bo stood back up on the stairs. His long majestic hair blew in the wind. It began to become messed up as he finished standing. Bo then flipped his hair by moving his head, and now his hair stood in the fashion he had grown accustomed with. It was partially in his eyes, while his flawless forehead was showing. It began to blow as a cross breeze came by, and blew the partial bangs out of his eyes. His eyes glinted with the hint of happiness, Bo was about to do something that he hadn't been able to do.

"American, the door is locked man. I have nothing to open it with. How bout we just get in the net. Look around, and maybe kill some time till Mum or Grandad come home?"


American began to come too from his state. He was just staring at his hand, it seems nothing was going to interupt him from staring. But suddenly, as suddenly as the trance began. It seemed American was perked up and ready to listen to Bo speak. He raised his hand to his head and saluted to Bo. He then raised his thumb up for an okay command.

"Ready when you are. I got nothing better to do. Except stare at my hand and wonder if I can really die."


Bo moved his head quickly side to side, he had to find something he could jack into. But it seemed the only thing was a lampost, or the security alarm. He began to move closer to the security alarm, but then stopped and ran to the lampost. He began to punch one of the electrical boxes, it was locked, but no lock could stand up to Bo's punch of pain. Soon Bo was able to break the cover off, he then placed it gently on the ground so the repairmen could come and fix it. He began to raise his hand, he was preparing to jack American in for the first time in a long while.

"American, bust some ass in there my brother."

(Jack into Internet City)
Bo unplugged American from the jack in port. He then held the plug and wondered if he should jack American back in. he might as well, there was no reason not too. So he jacked American back in to fight the heelnavi menace.
Bo held his PET, and pocketed it into his jeans pocket. He then began to turn his body around, and run away. He was going to run from that spot. As his hair blew into his face, and he began to sweep it out.