Yoka is well known for it's zoos, spas, and overall closeness to nature. Within it also, though not as well established, is the yoka national park. Home of beautiful wooded parks with quaint clearings and crystal clear lakes and rivers. It also gain recognition for being a visually low tech area, with not many computers or devices around.

The senior park ranger manages the finances and upkeep for the park, his junior ranger however, does most of the park maintenance by his own voluntary will.

The parks clearing is carpeted with lush beautiful grass, filled with wooden tables, a few stone grills, and a gently flowing river off to the far side leading into a pristine lake. In the clearing is a young boy dressed in a Boy Scout uniform, with an extended claw and trash bag in hand, diligently picking up assorted garbage lying along the ground of the clearing, not leaving even the smallest scrap of paper.

" mass picnic parties are so fun! Now if only people would pick up their garbage..."[b][/b]

The boy here is Theodor Kaysen, or Ted for short. He is a Boy Scout and current junior ranger of Yoka National Park, a proactive young boy who seeks the best for the park and the community. In the midst of his work a massive bear approaches him, the creature however, was also holding a picker in one paw and 3 trash bags over its shoulder. The boy casually turned towards the surreal sight and began to speak to the bear.

"Great to see you're back, so did you get everything over in the west woods?"[b][/b]

The bear nodded

"ok...on the trail towards the park hills?"[b][/b]

The bear nodded once again

"Great! and everything in the lake and down the waterfall?"[b][/b]

" Excellent! Put the bags over there and I'll tie them up. Head over to the shed and bring two of the buckets of pain out with some brushes."[b][/b]

The Bear grimaced at the request as he placed the bags down with the 2 bags Ted had filled

"come on now! We haven't given them another coat in over 2 months now, the paint is wearing off. We gotta keep a good image of yoka park for the people that visit just as much as we have to keep it clean for the wildlife."[b][/b]

The bear turned around and headed west from the clearing, as he left, Teds PET began to ring.

"huh? Ah! A news update, huh..lemme see..."[b][/b]

The newsletter read about the unusual panel art of a sword and cape wielding metool on ACDC grounds."Hmph!?! That's strange, but all the while intolerable, this is mass vandalism and I'm not standing for that. Looks like we will begin virus control a little early today..."[b][/b] The bear soon arrived with the paint buckets and brushes he was requested to bring, Ted quickly approached him to take the cans. "Thanks! But there's been a change of plans, we need to head to ACDC to check out some net vandalism"[b][/b]

The bear raised its eyebrow in question, with brushes still in hand.

" Yeah, apparently blue helmet taped metools are breaking panels into some kind of effigy, That's certainly going to get in the way of net traffic and may even endanger the net community of ACDC, I want to go in and investigate it to see if any action on removing it has been taken upon."[b][/b] Ted then steps up to the bear and feels against his side, finding and opening a patch of fur, revealing a small control panel with buttons, meters, and a port of jacking in and out. He then holds his PET towards the port. "Jack out, we don't have time to lose."[b][/b] After a brief period, the bear goes stiff. Ted closes the hatch and walks towards the east of the clearing. Leaving the bear that shortly after begins to move on it's own and wanders off.

Walking along the heavily wooded path, he speaks out loud, it seems he is talking to himself when he really is talking to his navi, who is currently in the PET in his shirt pocket. "Okay so the game plan is to just check out the scene, it's best that we come more prepared if we plan on doing anything about it, odds are those viruses probably wouldn't be too happy with us clearing the cracked panels."[b][/b] Ted Digs around in the second shirt pocket and pulls out 4 battlechips, "Shotgun...cannon...rolling log...no repair chip, unfortunately we are going to have to clear them by breaking them and letting the panels heal themselves, but it must be done. Before we do though we better get you some much needed upgrades if we plan to get deeply involved, after all, preparation is key to any task."[b][/b]

Ted's navi makes no reply. As they hike through the woods they come across a large two story wood cabin with a garage containing a jeep. On the porch was a table with a clean, black, laptop on it. Ted stepped up to the laptop.

"Aright here we go, Jack in! Bearman! Transmit!!"[b][/b]