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I'm looking for two new affiliates, so here we go:

Quote (Demonstar @ Feb 9 2007)

Owner: Eon
Your position: 2nd in Command, General Admin
Website URL:
Forum URL:
Why you should affiliate with TUS: After an admin change, RECN has been reborn into RERN, and has taken the top slot for MMBN RPGs in both SaintZero and MegaMan Topsites, recently beating out EXE Warriors. With a new elemental system, fully functional Battle system with both PVP and Virus-busting options, and a fully committed staff--we'd like to apply for affiliation with the UnderSquare again, now that we have established ourselves as a solid community of passionate MMBN fans.

Very well put, and looks impressive. Accepted. (However, we do need your affiliation button)

I will continue to look for a deserving second affiliate.

We. Have. Been. Accepted. As. An. Affiliate. To. None. Other. Than. THE UNDERSQUARE!!!

We do need a functioning button, though. Someone wanna get on that?