"Good morning, Sage!"

My eyes blearily cracked open as I peered to my right. Sure enough, the miniature form of Author's hologram was floating above my bedside table, right over my alarm clock. The analog hands read 10:00 AM; a good time for a university student to be waking up at on his day off.

"Morning, Author, everyone. Anything big on the agenda for me today?" I asked, sitting up from my bed and popping my back.

"Well, let's see here... today's the day you wanted to go out and do some life sketching for your Art class!" Awashima's cheerful voice reported from her bead, looping around Author's head energetically as always.

"Oh, and you made a note to look out for any cuties while you were out," Shiroi chimed in; I could practically hear the grin in his voice.

"HEY, there's nothing in the schedule like that!" Absolom shouted, his bead bouncing in place. Author simply remained motionless as his decagon slowly revolved.

"I know, Absolom, Shiroi's just making a joke again," I replied to the hot-tempered program, grabbing a change of clothes and heading into the shower. Within minutes, I was showered and dressed. Grabbing a few spare zenny lying on the counter, I headed out the door of my flat, and into the streets to my primary destination: a certain stall in Yoka that sold the best curry bread this side of Yumland.

The owner greeted me with an eye-closing smile and a freshly-baked bread as I approached. As I tossed him the zenny for my breakfast, he asked me, "So who do you have your eye on today, kiddo?"

"Thought I'd actually sketch the Net today, Waka. I haven't been on in ages and I think it's high time I get into the whole busting deal."

"WHOA WHOA WHOA, what? You never told any of us about this!" Absolom exclaimed, taking temporary control over Author so he could rush out of the PET and get right in my face. "I mean, don't you need all sorts of equipment for that?"

I waved the red-beaded Persona's worries away with an easy smile. "No worries, a buddy of mine from class let me have a few of his old things. He's got way better gear than I do so he doesn't need 'em anymore, and I thought, why not? Besides, Abby, you can't say you don't really want to give it a try." I had him at that.

"Hey, maybe we'll meet people on the Net!" Eyan poked in for the first time today, uncharacteristic of him. "I dunno about you guys, but I want to give it a shot. What say you lot?" The yellow Persona was met with a chorus of various affirmatives. "That settles it, then! Jack us in, if you please!"

"Done and done!" And with that, I sent the infrared red of light into Waka's complimentary terminal, and Author and my journey began.