(( The Characters ))

Finally we made it! - Nigma said as he lazily stepped through the door of the Inn.

- Ooh common, it wasn't that hard on you now was it? said a sarcastic voice coming from Nigma's backpack.

Maybe not for you but i am the one carrying the supplies and you as well! Don't forget that! Nigma said slightly annoyed.

- Yea yea, lets go rent a room so you can stop complaining..

Nigma ignored it and walked to the front desk, after some checking around and bothering the receptionist he decided to get the cheapest room.

Awesome! Lets make the best of it! Nigma said while putting on a weak smile.

They go to their room and put all their stuff down.

Well with that done.. I think you can do some stuff now as well right? Where do you wanna get jacked in? Nigma said sounding tired.

- Set up the game console and i will be alright, I`m still unfamiliar with the new area`s and appliances Said the backpack voice.

Is that fear i hear in your voice? Nigma said sarcastically.

- No.. That is called caution.. Now hurry up!

Nigma ruffles in the backpack some and gets the console. Hooks it up to the TV and checks if it works.

Great all set.

- Yea, i know we just got here, but i cant wait to get out of here!

Nigma grabs the backpack and pulls out a stunning metallic black palmtop PET with a neon green _|_ on the back and the letters "Nocebo" below it.

Alright, Nocebo.exe jack in!

((Jacked In))