Part time work.

Ahhhhh, Yoka. Home to some of the more scenic places in the area. Hot springs, a Zoo(that's closed), and all sorts of lovely little things to do. Get back massages, enjoy fine cooking, and just relax.

Luckily, Aoi gets to experience all of that. Sadly, he gets to experience preparing all of that. Trying to get addition cash for food and rent to feed his hunger for AC, Gelato, and not feeling like he was going to melt into a puddle, Aoi has been doing part time job after part time job. Serving, cooking, cleaning, and at this point? Giving massages to people staying at the Inn and Hot Springs.

Having to remove his usual clothing and wear a Yukata for his job, Aoi was not in a good mood. Then again, rubbing the back of old ladies probably didn't help. If it weren't for the fact that he needed the cash and he got free ice, he would have avoided the place.

After taking a leave from work for a break due to a certain male customer asking for a type of ending, Aoi sat on a bench near the vending machines drinking a rather large soda. Turning on his PET, he decided to check if the upgrades were complete. He was greeted by a yawning Yuki-Onna. "Uwaaah... how was work Aoi?" Aoi sighed and shook his head holding a rather small pay check. "1st week working here and I think I got hit on by two guys. Not to mention that guy in the bear costume keeps staring at me when I do errands."

Yuki sighed and rubbed her head. "Well, it's work at the very least. We're lucky they were willing to allow 'under age workers' to do part time here." Aoi sighed and nodded. After the initial conversation, Yuki spoke up a few moments later. "So, what did you want? Normally you wait until after work before talking. You tend to get distracted after all."

Aoi smiled as he looked at the status bar on the upgrades. "Well, I wanted to check up on how the upgrades were doing. Compared to the rush job on that snow man attack, these upgrades are a bit more advanced. The memory should increase your energy levels and I managed to upgrade your goggles. I even had a bit extra for some other special effects." Yuki raised her eyebrow at Aoi's obvious excitement. "Wait... you want to try out the gear. Right now. While you are on break."

Aoi looked with innocent eyes as Yuki rolled her own. "Come on, it won't take long. I just want to see if we can get some aqua chips and make some extra cash." Giving a light sigh and shrugging, Yuki caved in. "Alright, just don't skip work. Alright?" Aoi nodded as he plugged his PET into the nearest jack in port.

"Jack in! Yuki-Onna.EXE!"
<<Moving to Yoka Net>>
"Well... at least we got a paycheck..." Sighed Aoi as he held the paltry cash from his now ex-job. "I told you to wait until AFTER work before we start net battling. At least he took pity on you and gave you 2 weeks pay for all the 'other' stuff that happened." Aoi shuddered a bit at the thought of some of the darker bits.

"Well, what now? We have enough cash for a while if we spread it out on instant food. We could probably give you a upgrade or two as well." Yuki nodded a bit as she looked at some data files. "You know, if we are a bit hard on cash, we could always take a mission." Aoi looked at his PET as Yuki made her request. It did make sense. "They usually pay well, offer a bit more than just net battling, and there is the chance of getting one of those support units." Aoi's eyes gleamed at the thought. Even though Yuki has been doing well, she is still not a combat model navi. Having a support unit around could help back her up and give her some extra support. Also, money is always nice.

"Alright! Once I get your upgrades, we'll start looking for a mission for you." Packing up the yukata, Aoi headed off to the bus stop with a bus ticket he managed to scrounge up.

He really needed a steady job.