R&R to the X-Treme!

"Synch Program..."

"Check! 20 percent complete battle ready..."

"Movement and statistics..."

"Check! 40 Percent complete battle ready...."

"Battlechips? programs?"

"Check! 80 Percent battle ready..."

"Signature abilities..."

"....error! No go!"

"No go?"

Keera had sighed as she stood in one of Yoka's hotels dressed in a marvelous dark shaded purple bath robe. It was vacation time away from Dentech so her and Majesty could become one again and synchronize on an emotional leave that was humane. It had been a few days since their collision in Sharo and she had vented out all her anger, all her hate and rage until the Netnavi was once again whole. Now though, it almost felt as if it was one step forward, two steps back as they fiddled continuously with Majesty's new abilities. Powerful she may be in this perfect form, she was having difficulties nonetheless.

"Signature abilities are lock. It seems we'll have to acquire them by breaking your limits down the line."

Keera had advised as Majesty folded her arms remaining patient.

"So what do we do?"

It had been a while since they've been prepared. They would make no progress sitting like this like the world was passing them by. After a second thought, or maybe even two, Keera had nodded her head as she unfolded her arms and smiled casually.

"We jack in of course! Let's fight just as we are now!"

"Just as we are now?" she had asked as if amazed.

"Yes! Just as we are now! Why, is that a problem Majesty?"

The netnavi had smiled showing a smug look on her face as her long black hair had rested upon her shoulders.

"That's mighty new of you! I'd never expect you to rush in with hopes in me."

Keera had shrugged hearing Majesty's comment.

"What can I say? The world just seems a little brighter. Even if I'm eventually going to punish it."

Majesty had chuckled lightly once again. It seemed that Keera's mind was one tracked about their goal. Then again, that's one thing she did expect after all from her NetOp.

"Fine! I'm ready! Let's jack in!"

Keera drew back her arm as she smirked and prepared herself.

"Jack in, Majesty.EXE! Power Up!"
A curl of her finger had guided itself along the plug, and with a squeeze, she had jacked out from the computer network. Her eyes had rolled accordingly as she was disappointed with the mid progress seeing that the error with Majesty had occurred in the first place. She was supposed to be perfect, or at least near perfect. Keera was no fool, there was no such thing as perfections, and her damaged body was proof enough of that. It was like she was stuck in time to be some eternal "loli" sixteen year old look alike. She was a woman for goodness sakes!

"Not pleasing..." she had said, "...but I'll take care of that matter later. It's time to make some repairs and then we'll continue to our next location." she had said turning around with a whip of her right hand waving through the air before she let go off the jack's cord that was around her finger letting the plug slip back into place. She would probably need to update her P.E.T. eventually. The wireless system was much less hands on and she liked that.

"Yes, Mistress."

With a response from the NetNavi, Keera had retreated off from the spot as she intended to head home to the streets of DenTown. She would be even more comfortable in her chair laid back and crossing her legs, but there was one more place she would like to visit before she went home. Her right hand slipping into the small cotton pockets of her dress, she had taken out a small kit to make some minor adjustments before she would reach her destination when she would get to the metro.