The Unnecpected Vacation

Jieves and Trillian slowzed off the plain and went down to the luggage cart. Trillian and Jieves waited forty-five minutes to get their luggage.

Well, Trillian, I am off to buy a new ticket to ACDC. See yah.

Hope you get there ok!

Trillian walked out of the airport and down the path to Yoka Inn. He walked past the Souveneir Vender, who was wearing a strange Metal Gear in her hair. He started to walk up to the receptionest and started asking her questions.
Excuse me miss, but I would like to request a room for 1 person.

"Certainly, sir" Said the Inn Receptionest as she handed him is RoomCard.

"You are in Room 123 on floor 3. Have a nice day!" She said.

I've heard rumors that the Onsens near here. Maybe we can check it out sometime.

You know I was thinking the same thing....

So then Trillian walked into the elevator, and pressed the button to go to floor 3. They swiped the KeyCard and walked into the cozy bedroom.

The bedroom had a queen sized bed, a medium-sized Television, a nightstand on the left of the bed with a clock on it, and a chair and desk to the right of the bed with an Internet Connection Cable.

This place isnt that bad....and you did bring my dock, right?

Yes I did. I brought all of your stuff. Well, Im going downstairs to look around. Wanna come or stay here?

What are you stupid? Of course I want to come!

So Trillian grabbed his PET and put it in its Holster on his right arm. Then he shoved his chips into his pocket and went to the first floor.

Down in the lobby, Trillian noticed that there were more people inside here than before. Then he saw some kids NetBattling in the lounge room. That place looked pretty quiet, so he walked in there.

It's so quiet in here its sorta creepy, except for those kids, don't you think?

Shhh....Im honing my energy...meditating.

Dark Boy, actually WAS meditating! He was sitting inside his pet, eyes shut, thinking extremely hard....

Dark Boy, wanna go on the net? I don't wanna fight viruses here yet, not without a partner. Maybe check out the Mission BBS. We can help against the NetMafia.

Fine with me. I think I might loose here anyways. Good thing I have speed.


While Dark Boy was waiting a response on the Mission BBS and the NetSquare, Trillian locked down his PET, and went to go look around Yoka.

Dark Boy, isnt this place so- Oh yeah your in the NetSquare.

Trillian walked around for a while outside. On his walk, he spotted a Souveneir Stand with a strange lady wearing a Metal Gear in her hair, a bird tapping on a broken PET, some mental kids attempting to jack into the tree, and a cat who was foaming at the mouth.

So, Trillian decided he would sit down. Now this chapter is very boring because I only say what he does.



So Trillian ate in the park, watching the bird, the cat, the lady with the Gear in her hair, and the mental kids attempting to jack into the tree.

I feel bad for them, I wonder what there Navis are called. Probably SillyMan and ClownMan.

Then, he notices some mysterious men weaing purple shirts with the letter N-M on them, and then connecting there PETs and slotting some Memory Cards in. They where probably up to no good.

Yeah Im lazy at teh moment.
((From NetSquare))

Dark Boy, hows it going? Feeling ok? Trillian asked the hologram of Dark Boy sitting on his shoulder.

Dark Boy thought for a while and said,

I'm feeling better, but I also feel guilty for letting the criminals go. We should have destroyed those paint cans in the very beginning.

.....No you did the right thing. We still helped the net, and now Navis wont be getting "Fabolous!" Plastered to their forheads.

Trillian got up and went to the Restaraunt and sat down in a 2 person booth.

Welcome to <Insert Restaraunt Name Here>. May I start off by getting you a drink? The waiter asked.

Yes, I would like a nice, tall, glass of Dr. Pepper. And I am all ready to order. I will have a big meaty cheeseburger. Trillian told the waiter.

The waiter scribbled down the order and went off to the kitchen. Trillian got bored as heck waiting so he jacked Dark Boy into the port next to him on the wall.

Dark Boy, ready!? Jack In, Dark Boy, EXEC-Trillian, I think we should consider before jacking in again. Maybe we should battle in a tandem.
What do you mean? I think your the best Net Navi I could ever have.

Just for a while. Maybe we should get stronger. I mean, I'm still level 0.

I guess your right. After I eat we can go jack-in somewhere.

The waiter came back in about 10 minutes and gave Trillian his food. He immediatly scarfed it down and sipped off the last drop of his soda.

Mind compiling a bit of the leftover part of the burger for me? I need a snack.

Dark Boy, Navis dont need to eat.

Then Trillian walked back to the Inn and into the lounge. He was surprised to see tons of Net Battlers crowded around the Jack-In ports. Dark Boy got onto Trill's shoulder as they walked tthrough.

[color=purple]MOVE IT! MAKE WAY! YOU'LL BE SORRY!!![/size]

Dark dont be so harsh. Jack in, Dark Boy, this is getting old blah blah blah Jack in.

Dark Boy went back into the pet and the lazer of data spiraled into the port.

((From ACDC))

Dark Boy, even though ACDC is easy, lets find someone.

Deal. Lets go search the homepages in ACDC.


The spiral of data flung into the port again and Dark Boy appeared with a flash of light in the NetSquare.

Trillian jacked Dark Boy out of the ACDC net and walked out of the lounge, and up to his room.

Well Trillian, I'm ready to go back to ACDC Town.

Yes, Dark Boy, I got my passport data ready, and I'll pack up right now.

Trillian started putting stuff into his suitcase. First he added his scarf, then some extra shirts and shorts, his long sleeved clothes and pants (Just in Case), and more random clothing articles.

Trillian then put Dark Boy's PET on his holster, and threw the dock and other stuff into the suitcase along with his Mac Book Pro in its case.

Time to turn in my KeyCard. Lets go downstairs.

Trillian walked downstairs and went to the receptionist and handed the card to her. Trillian didnt want to go through the whole Airport process so he walked to the Metroline. He picked up a Metro Pass and went along into the packed Train.

Are you sure you want to ride the Metroline? Isnt it faster to just ride an airplane or a bus? Dark Boy asked his operator.

It's good to try something new. Lets use the Metroline more often. Its convenient. We don't have to go through the whole airport process and backage checks and that crap.

I beleive so- Dear Passengers, thankyou for riding Metroline! We would love to serve you again, and we are pulling into the ACDC Town station. Please ready your baggage.


The Metro pulled to a complete stop and Trillian, baggage on his back, walked out of the station and to his oversized house.

Dark Boy, get ready for LambMan and Jieves.


Dark Boy was soound asleep as Trillian walked through the park and into his house.