In one of the few remaining Table-top RPG shops in Electopia, a fight is brewing. "What do you mean I can't send my familiar through the rock wall! Earth Elementals have the ability to pass through stone!" Arata shouts angrily at the timid boy who was the dungeon master for the game. "I'm sorry! I didn't know they could!" He whimpers, shoving the DM's Guide (24th edition) guide over his head for protection. Arata looks as if he had just been slapped. "YOU DIDN'T KNOW?!?!" He roars as the boy cowers even more. "YOU'RE THE FRICKEN DM! YOU HAVE TO KNOW EVERY SINGLE RULE! YOU HAVE DISHONORED MY CHARACTER AND MUST PAY!" He quickly pulls out his D20 and is about to do an attack roll before stopping. "Wait, you don't have an in-game character." He realizes. "In that case, we shall have a netbattle! Song! Avenge your D&D counterpart!" He roars again before whipping out his old-style PET and jacking in to a near by computer, so enraged that he doesn't even notice the other boy sneaking away.