Vacation time baby!

As the train pulled into the station with a screeching halt, the doors slid open letting out several passengers. A disgruntled looking kid walked onto the station platform sulking his head as he walked. He let out a deep sigh as he felt something vibrate in his pocket. he reached inside and pulled out a small blue device, glaring at it as he pushed a green button. The screen lit up as a familiar looking face flashed on screen. His mouth seemed to flap endlessly as he yelled angrily at his partner. Keito stared blankly at the screen slightly puzzled, then realized what was wrong. He reached up to his ears and pulled out a pair of earplugs he used to drown out his navi's annoying cries. he wiped the bangs out of his eyes as he scratched his head.

"Oi! Listen to me when i'm complaining! You've been ignoring me for the entire trip now!"

"Oh gee, i wondered why it was so quiet. I haven't had such a peaceful time since I "forgot to charge my computer's battery."

"Oh you are a riot, do you do standup? Look, You spent the last week tinkering on my programing, are you gonna tell me what my new sig attack is?"

"Oh quit yer bitchin, you'll find out soon enough."

"...How soon?"

"Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery soon."

"K-k-Keito... what the hell was that."

"Kenji, meet Kira. She'll be your new roommate, and by roommate, I mean she's jacking your body. You could say she's the gollum to your smeagel."

"Oh, we are going to have so much fun together."

"Keito, tell me this is a joke. Keito? KEITO?!?!?!??!"

Keito smiled for the first time since... well since he met kenji. It was deep and maniacle, he snickered as he placed his PET into his pocket, leaving the image of an open jawed Kenji, and the sinister laughter of Kira fresh in his mind. He flipped his ponytail to the side and walked down to a nearby hotel to set up a reservation.
Keito strolled around the new town for a while glancing at the various tourist traps and stalls littering the area. After a few hours of aimless wandering and "forgetting" to turn up the volume on his PET, Kenji found a quaint little cafe and sat down at a nearby table. He set down his pack onto the ground beside him and took out his laptop. He opened it up onto the table and booted it up. As soon as the desktop loaded, a small panel opened in the corner of the of screen with the image of Kenji and Kira in a rather strange position. Kira was laying on top of Kenji, her body in a very awkward position.

"SAY IT!!!"



"FINE!!! ...*mumble mumble*"

"What was that?"

"I'm your bitch!!! Happy now?"

"Oh, not even close. I'll show you how flat chested!!!"

Keito cleared his throat very loudly into the mic. Both Navis stopped dead in their tracks and slowly turned their heads to look at a floating image of Keito giving them a very puzzled look. He hit a few keys on the keyboard and gave a sinister cackle as he gave a death glare at the screen. The two looked at each other and back down at their predicament.

"What did you just do?"

"Oh nothing, just saved a screenshot of this beautiful moment. I think I can photoshop a gag ball on Kenji and give Kira a whip."

Both navis stood... sat... lay their in awe, a bit shaken.

"You wouldn't really do that would you?"

"Ooo, can I get a copy of that pic?"

Kenji glared at Kira as she gave a nervous smile and got up off of Kenji's backside. She got up and dusted herself off.

"Ok... this is awkward. ...So Kenji, wanna hit the net and check out the sights?"

"Yoka... net... would you... like to check out the onsen?"

"Oh you just want to oggle the female navis while they bathe."

"Ya know, theres gonna be some attractive guys there as well, and shirtless men in a tub equals?"

"I'm thoroughly convinced!! Let's roll!!!"

Keito gave a deep sigh as he booted up the internet browser and sent Kira and Kenji into the net. Finally he was able to enjoy his vacation in peace. He pulled aside a passing waitress and ordered a cup of green tea. He reached into his pack, pulled out his sketch pad, and let time pass him by.
The train finally came to a slow, stopping in the somewhat unfamiliar town. Zanzo took his leave of the train, and soon found himself wandering about. From time to time he whipped out a cell phone and took pics of areas of interest. Hotels, restaurants and, most particularly, the Onsens. He decided to rest for a bit, and found a bench. He then booted up his computer, and got the PET ready. "Jacking in...Nachahmen.EXE." He said, and Nac left the PET in a royal flash...
Keito sat comfortably in his chair as he sipped his tea. It was nice and warm for a chilly day like this. He set down his cup and zipped up his jacket, then rubbed his hands together for warmth. He gave a relaxed sigh as picked up his cup and took another sip. A few hours passed by as he fiddled with his laptop, checking various sites, updating his programs, posting a picture of two navis in an awkward position, but as time passed, he began to get a little lonely. he scanned the surrounding area, seeing little familiar faces. He gave a sigh, then opened up his E-mail browser. He noticed an acquaintance of his in the nearby area, and sent him a message.

"Hey Zanzo, It's me Keito. Remember the sunshine incident? I haven't seen you in a while dude, lets hang out and go busting some time. I'm at a small cafe in the downtown district, i'll send you a link with directions. Have some tea with me, i'm treating."
Zanzo lazed around a bit, yawning. After a few moments, a notification showed up on his laptop, revealing an E-Mail. Upon reading it, he smirked. "Well I'll be, it's him again. I suppose I'll visit..." He said to himself. He then closed up his laptop and left, following the mentioned instructions. After a short while, albeit distracted by a few wrong turns and some interests, particularly the ladies around...

Anyway, Zanzo soon found himself at a cafe. He waltzed in and looked around for Kieto, quickly spotting him out among the small crowds. He walked up to him, waving as he came along, then taking a seat and pulling his laptop back out. After opening and refreshing it, he turned his attention back to his apparent partner of old. "So, how you been?" He asked calmly...
Keito lifted his head from his sketch pad and glanced at Zanzo. He gave a polite wave then beckoned him to sit down.

"Hey man, how ya been? Have a seat"

He pulled aside a waiter and order two drinks then set aside his materials. He pulled his laptop in front of him and turned it on.

"Up for some busting?"
Just as Zanzo was heading out, he noticed Keito jamming between his PET and his laptop, and considered the worst. "Jeez, you too? I wonder what's going on. We'll go to SciLabs together and get this all figured out, alright?" He asked, ready to follow on a response.
Kenji glanced up at Zanzo and gave him a nod. He let out a disgruntled sigh. His mind was filled with confusion and dread. He got up and pulled out his wallet. He pulled out a few zenny and paid his bill. He gathered up his materials quickly and rushed to the train station with zanzo.
Upon the two of them returning. Zanzo noticed Keito busy with his PET. "Yeah, programming those Signature Attacks can be a pain eh?" He asked, heading over to a bench and whipping out his laptop. "I'm gonna do some busting in the meantime, ok?" He then pulled out his PET and jacked Nachahmen in, who formed into a neon purple beam and launched into the net...
After collecting his things, he glanced over to Kieto as he walked away. "Hey, seeing as you're busy and all, I'll be right back. I've got some purchases to make." He said, hopping onto the train as it arrived...
After a while, Zanzo returned, walking out and heading back to the bench were Kieto was. "Sorry for the wait. You ready for some action?" He asked...
A wave of relief crashes over Keito as he puts down his PET. He rubs his eyes lazily and stretches. He gets up and cracks his back, jerking suddenly as he realizes that someone has sat down next to him. He checks his watch and realizes how long he has been sitting there.

"Oh sorry, didn't see you there. Been so busy remodding my Navi. ...yeah, I guess I could bust for a bit."

He sits back down and logs Kenji in to the battlefield.
Zanzo chuckled a bit as he took a seat, pulling out his laptop before booting up. "Alright then. Good to hear. Jacking in, Nachahmen. EXE." He said, aiming his PET at the laptop. Nac reformed into a purple beam before launching off into the net...
"Well Keito, I'll see you later..." Zanzo said simply before heading off to the train station. After waiting a short while, the train to SciLabs came and went, taking him with it...
Time flew by quickly as Keito tried to enjoy the rest of his vacation. He spent most of his time at the local hot springs, relaxing in the steamy warmth of the heated springs, sampling the local cuisine, ...getting his ass kicked after hitting on some local girls. He probably shouldn't have tried that until after he put pants on. Either way, Kenji got some great screenshots from it. After two weeks of relaxation, the time came for him to return home. He packed up his gear, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and got on the train back to ACDC town.