Cursed weather! Stay cloudy or sunny, rather you chase each other across the sky, meddling with temperatures, neither hot nor cold! Blasted outside. It would never be simple. The shade protected Roy from the scalding sun, moving out when the big, burning gasball lingered behind those mighty, gray monsters. But once out, the sun comes back and the search for shelter comes again.

The dark patch of ground made be the local zoo's restaurant was his current spot of hiding. The interior's air conditioning was apparently on overdrive, the seats being cold enough to form tiny icicles. So he sat outside, under one of them table parasols, PET pointed at an arcade machine based on a popular children's T.V. character. The jack-in point was connected to the internet so that people all across the globe could keep score.

<<So... it's like a job?>>

"Simply put. We're going onto the internet to find a navi and deliver that message."

<<Like a postman? Awsome!>> exclaimed the electronic voice from the handheld device.

"How is that... nevermind." Roy exhaled the tasteless, clean air, sighing at the prospect of work. "Well, here goes something. Bugman, jack-in, Execute!"