On Vacation

Bo let go of the cord and let it hang from the PET, it hit the ground with a tiny clank. He then grabbed it and began to twirl it, wondering where he should go now. He had taken American out of Electown, and was wondering if he should jack him into the Yoka Net. Even if he doubted it, doubting wasn't going to make American any stronger or better then he already was. He moved his hand up the cord, and reached the tip of it. He plugged the cord in and then pushed the download button to send American into the net.

"Go ahead and bust something American, not like you wouldn't anyway."
Bo unplugged American and decided that he should spend his hard earned money on something a bit useful. He went jogging towards the Metro and quickly found a ticket and got on. He was headed towards Sci-Labs then if he had money he would go to ACDC to buy some chips.