Arco slipped through the tourist crowds of Yoka; mostly kids with balloons, animal hats, or stuffed toys of ridiculous size. It made sense; adults didn't often go to the zoo, unless it was on a date... And even then, that was almost as cliche as going to see the fireworks. Although, it would be nice... Arco couldn't remember the last time she had had some real company.

"Hey, look! A sentai! She's gonna transform and fight monsters, I just know it!" A voice from a small cluster of kids.

"Awesome! Hey, I can turn into a superhero too! Just, um, not right now because I'm low on power!" Arco had to stifle a chuckle. Her efforts at remaining unseen had failed, but at least they weren't occupied with her odd clothes anymore. She absently rubbed the hen of her right sleeve. She did sort of dress like someone from an action show. Then again, odd trends were everywhere in this age of easy free expression. Hers at least was rooted in practicality. A small yowl erupted form underfoot. Lost in her thoughts, she had almost stepped on Cheshire, who had somehow insisted on following as a holographic cat.

"Come on, then, you're just going to get yourself killed. Not like a hologram can die, but..." She lifted the cat with both hands and held her at roughly chest-height. Cheshire responded to the sudden change in alitude with a small chirp of surprise, but otherwise seemed to respond well enough to her new vantage point. Arco wasn't tall, but her view was still much more commanding than it had been. "You're really carrying the cat act all the way here..." She murmured. She could only guess at why, but chances were it was the usual reason Cheshire did anything; experimentation. Though playing a cat wasn't really a thrill junkie's dream, Arco had to admit she too had always wondered what being a cat was like... On some level, she envied navis. Ageless, able to change form with just a program, capable of the most amazing things... They all seemed to take it in stride, though.

"Alright, we're here." The hustle and bustle of the zoo, already muted by distance, gave way to pure tranquility as Arco stepped through quaint double doors made from paper into the foyer of the Ura Inn. She set her boots and cat down and walked to the reception, noticing quite a few raised eyebrows at her garb and her strange companion.

"I'm sorry, Miss, but we don't allow animals in the inn..."

"That won't be a problem, I think." A decidedly human remark from the cat, who was now sitting on the counter. "I'm her navi, Cheshire."

"Cheshire... So, you were the civilians the Police sent to help with the viruses? You look more like some kind of special operations team, if you don't mind my saying." She covered her mouth with a slim hand, but couldn't stop a cheery and slightly derisive giggle from coming forth.

"It's a matter of comfort... And you really shouldn't be speaking." Arco swept her eyes across the stylized neo-replica kimono the receptionist wore. She had obviously picked it herself; while the other staff were dressed sensibly, this kimono bore a garish print with a pattern that wounded the eye, with the top open to reveal a shocking amount of cleavage. Obviously the work of one of those "neo-vintage" designers who thought that combining tradition with 'cutting-edge' style was an instant ticket to the bank vault. Arco's venom-tipped comment put a swift stop to the receptionist's laughter.

"Right, ma'am." She had gone from 'miss' to 'ma'am." Either it was a gesture of renewed respect, or another veiled insult, this time directed at the fact that this toothy receptionist was probably a good three years younger than her. Of course, she had no way of knowing Arco's age... People often mistook her for a woman of ninteen. Too weary for a full verbal battle, she gave the receptionist the benefit of the doubt. "Will you be staying with us this evening?" Evening? When had it become evening? The Metro certainly took longer than she had thought.

"No, I think I'll just enjoy the onsen for a bit." She took a few bills from her wallet and placed them on the counter. This was her personal fund, not the balance in her PET; she had decided to keep those two funds seperate unless it was absolutely necessary to dip into one or the other.

"Very good, ma'am. Through the last door on the left. Have a nice, relaxing evening." She slid the cash off the counter and presented Arco with a small laminated card.

"I will. Come on, Cheshire." With a final glance at the receptionist that could be taken to mean anything, Cheshire leapt off the counter with a feline chirp and followed Arco down the hall.

A few minutes later, Arco found herself laying back in one of the smaller private tubs the management had erected to accomodate the increasing flow of self-conscious or modest tourists. Cheshire had returned to the PET. "How about it, Cheshire?" She lifted the PET from its resting spot on the tile floor just behind her, careful not to get it wet. She had heard these new models were waterproof, but she had also heard they weren't. Best not to find out the hard way. "You want to take a soak, too?"

"I dunno... Really, sitting around's not my style. Tell you what, I'm gonna go to Internet City and see what I can see. That alright with you?"

"Sure..." Arco knew where this was headed. That was why the chips were sitting within arm's reach in a zippered belt pouch. She pointed the IR scope at the red eye of the decorative spout, shich she had long since learne was a jack-in port, and sent Cheshire into the central hub of the Internet.