At the house.

After arriving upon sunny Yoka, Everett made his way to his rental house. He picked up his house key from under the mat like anyone would expect, and unlocked the door. He made his way into his house and relocked the door. He flicked the light switch on and went to the kitchen, where he opened up the fridge to get ingrdients out tomake a sandwich. After a couple minutes, a turkey with mayonase, bacon and tomato on white bread appeared on Everetts plate. He looked at the sandwich, semi-proud that he made it look so tasty. He picked up the sandwich, but before he could take a bite, the door bell rang. Everett returned the sandwich to its plate and went to go check who it was. the doorbells ringing was becoming rather annoying. Everett moved quicker.

"I'm coming!" he said as he rushed towards the door. He then opened the door to check to see if anyone was rining or if thisn was all some form of childhood prank.
As soon as Everett made it to the door, he swung it open to reveal a mailman standing outside. "Hello sir!" He said politly giving the mail to Everett. "Thank you" Everett replied as he took the mail from the mailman and took it inside to read. He closed the door and took a seat at the desk in the kitchen. He looked at the paper that he got with his mail. He flipped it open and began to look at it for a bit while eating his sandwich.
After looking through the paper for a while, he noticed an article in the paper.

Great virus busting opporitunities in Yoka area!!!! Come now!!!!

"hmm...sounds intreting. what do you think, Fanman." said Everett looking at fanman in his PET."Sure..." He said bluntly. After finding the port in his laptop, he jacked fanman into the area.
"that could have gone better." Thought everett as he looked at Fanman all beat up after logging out. "We need to get you some upgrades, but we can't with this amount of money." He said staring at his netcash wallet on the PET. He let out a big sigh as he continued ot eat the sandwich he made. He looked at Fanman. *maybe we need to buy some more chips?* He thought.