"Yusaku...it's been two days you're shut in your room. Would you pleas-"

"Hush, Critias. I'm working."

"Working is exactly the opposite you should do on your vacation days, you know."


Standing over to his desk, typing away at three different keyboards at the same time, Yusaku's mind was assorted in his own world. The programming was already done and compiling. He was close. Really close. Turning over to the stand he had built with makeshift stuff to hold the FBFS prototype up and in shape, his eyes darted off to the feet of the motion suit. "Wait. I thought I told the R&D department you need to have rough rubber layers on the feet paws to prevent slipping."

"...Yusaku, it's the third time you check for that stuff. It's not going to go anywhere." A very annoyed navi chimed in from the huge flat sceen overlooking the various tech equipment Yusaku was messing with. The man disregards his navi and checks again. Yeah. It was there. kinda stupid to doubt his father's employees. Standing up, he gave another look at the suit. "Yeah, seems everything is in place then. It's finally complete."

Critias bobbed around the screed to and from. "Alright. So that thing is supposed to...mimic me? You know that I'm one an only right? Right?"

"It doesn't mimic you, Critias. It's supposed to let me understand what happens to you better. It's my ticket to the net. You know. My way of actually meeting you for real." Yusaku replied in the midst of unplugging a few cables and slowly taking his weird invention and his PET into a large room full of cameras and projectors. "Okay. And how does this costume thing work again?"

Yusaku fumbled with his clothes, taking them off and throwing them to the side. "Haptic stimulation, motion tracking etc etc. Basically, once I link the suit's systems to your code, it should be able to transmit what you feel to me as some sort of feedback. Full Body Feedback actually. So no more one sided loops around the net. If you get hurt because I screw up, I will feel it too. It also can be used to directly control the navi in question as if it were an avatar from a videogame."

"Uuh, isn't that a little masochistic? The pain stuff, I mean. Also, Navis react faster than humans. I'm not against us fighting together in a single body and all...but wouldn't this be a little harder to do? We don't have stamina. But you can get tired."

"What's wrong in wishing to share a deeper bond with someone you care about? It's not really that different than the stories about Full Synchro you hear about every now and then." Yusaku retorted, slipping his legs into the costume before hopping inside. The fabric was form fitting and skin tight. Very elastic. He shouldn't have problems running around or move with that on. "Also, human never actually experience the net the way navis do. I want to know. I need to know how it looks and feels from your side of things. I'm tired of baseless guessing and looking through a screen all the time. While this suit emulates what you feel, I'll use the holoprojection room to simulate the environment you're in to actually be able to have a nice realisticc view of how things look when actually sccaled to their proper dimensions."

"So wait..." The bat navi folded his arms as he looked Yusaku settling his arms into the suit and wiggling his now three fingered hands around before being interrupted by his NetOp. "As for your second question...yes. It's going to be harder at first. I am not perfect as a navi. I still wish to see the net through your eyes though. If fighting is too hard on me, I'll just let you take over that part."

"Uuuh. Alright then." Critias shrugged, observing his netop pulling a mask over his head and start up the projectors. "Worth a shot. It's not the weirdest thing you've done anyway."

"...Pfft. System Command: FBFS Link startup! Jack in, Critias.bat, execute!"