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The two duo rushed from school and back to their comforting abode. They weren't however looking for a leisurely time, as they were quickly planning for the mission they had resieved for a client of a faraway Net. Zed booted up his personal laptop and checked the equipment for Chrosa's expedition. "Since you've never went on a hiking trip, I guess I'll have to prep you up. It's essential to know the basics of hiking even though you aren't exactly a bipedal. First, you sh-"

"Yumland, Yumland... where exactly is this Yumland? I only know it's a place of good food."

"Sigh. I thought you'd at least have already stumbled it upon your wandering off misadventures. Ask around in NetSquare which portal leads to Yumland. Anyways, back to what I was saying I think we should take precautionary measures to your hiking." Zed presents his prepping guide that he sorted out for his unprepared Navi. The guide directs as follows : First, one should account for the geographical setting and climate one should face. In the case of Yumlandian trekking, the dense forest and wet climate indicates that terrain will be tedious to traverse with all the loose dirt on the way. However further up, there shouldn't be any problems there on. Another thing on mind, a hiker's gear is absolutely necessary for the journey. Chrosa's selection of chips and skills will fair for the journey. A map will be needed too and the rangers, if there are any, will most likely provide the navigation items. Lastly there is the...egg. A suitable bag for its placement and the preparation should be completed.

Chrosa attentively read the manual. "I thank you very much for the thorough necessities that you had helped prepare for me."

"It's my responsibility I guess. You do the fieldwork whereas I do the packing. Now I just want to confirm one last thing. You're going solo?" Chrosa nods "Hmm, guides say that's a no-go, but this is a human's guide to trekking that I modified for Navis. I'm sure worst case scenario you will EJO."Zed tells

"You say that like it's a trivial thing. I heard from Aunt Ayako that the sensation of an EJO is the same as death!"

"She probably said that so you don't get overly reckless. But I'm more worried about that egg. You got that really,really thick protective bag you bought?"

"Of course I have it. Though I do wonder if it'll become an incubator for the egg. I don't want to be the father. I'd be a terrible father."

"Yeah, that's one other thing I forgot. This does seem slightly suspicious for a Navi or whatever that mother is to have an egg. We should be ready at all times in case this is a trap."

"I suppose. Now then, enough chit-chat! Let's deliver a baby!" Zed was going to comment about that but ignored it to avoid any more postponing. The PET's jack is inserted into the laptop and Chrosa traverses. "Jack in. Chrosa.EXE, Execute!"

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