"Excuse me, sorry, look out!" William Gottally is making a spectacle of himself, running down the busy Electown sidewalks in a bright orange, hooded tracksuit with a belt. "Just two more...laps to go," he says to nobody in particular, turning the corner of the block. A series of beeps emanate from a clipped-on case on his belt. "Not now," William replies," I'm...almost done!" Halfway down the block, however, he is forced to stop and catch his breath.

William leans on the side of a building and opens his pouch. "What is it, Wizard," he asks, pulling out a shiny PET. Everything...okay? Phew... exercise is tiring..."

"I was thinking, with all that exercise you're doing," his navi replies, "perhaps you could let me stretch my legs? Its pretty cramped in here, you know."

"...oh, sorry, sorry! I'll get right on it. Just let me find some place to jack in." He looks around, and... "Got it! This electronics store sign!"

"Well, what are you waiting for," the impatient navi asks, "Let's go already!"

---Jack in To Electown Net---