Roxxy hadn't put much forethought into this. It had sort of come to her on a whim. She figured that since she thought the CD was good, and since it'd probably sit in some DJ's mailbox forever instead of making it to the airwaves on its own, she was doing everyone a favor by . . . speeding up its progress.

"Are you sure about this one, Roxxy?" chimed Gale, from her side. The peppy little navi certainly wasn't.

"It'll be fine, don't worry about it." Roxxy responded, making her way down through the crowds on the sidewalks around Electown. There were a lot of people out today, which was good for Roxxy. If there weren't, she'd be a lot more visible.

"Are you sure you're not worried about getting caught?" Gale asked, eyebrows and tone rising as she approached the end of the question.

"We're big girls, we can take care of ourselves. Unless . . . you're not . . . afraid are you?" she countered, patronizingly stifling a chuckle. Gale looked offended immediately. Blood rushed to her cheeks.

"Of course not," she said, indignantly. "I was just looking out for your best interest." She exhaled and stuck her nose in the air, as she adjusted her gloves. Her back was now turned to the PeT's screen. Gale was sometimes surprised by the lengths Roxxy was willing to go.

Roxxy was perfectly ok with this answer. She continued walking, smiling a bit more after having a bit of fun menacing her Navi.


Roxxy arrived at the base of the Radio tower, and was glad to see that there didn't seem to be anyone around. However, her wireless wasn't picking up an access point in the tower yet. She decided to climb a ladder up to a higher platform behind the tower.

"Oh, good, you could use a work out. When was the last time you worked up a sweat? That session with Teruko and Ante?" Gale asked.

"What are you talking about, I'm very active." Roxxy grunted as she pulled herself up the ladder, hand by hand. It had taken a leap to grab onto the bottom rung, and it was a good amount of upper body work, this climbing.

"You better be, or you'll never keep your figure as sleek as mine." She struck a pose that Roxxy couldn't appreciate, focused on climbing as she was. Gale was having fun being a little model-ish, so she didn't notice.

"Nobody wants to be as slim as you." Roxxy pulled herself up with another huff, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Real men want a bit of substance, anyway."

Gale flexed, and wasn't too impressed by her own slim arms. She looked down, and wasn't too impressed by the "substance" she saw there either. She snorted out a laugh and ignored the comment. "So what's the point of this, again?"

Roxxy leaned up against the back of the building, and found her access point. As she prepped her files, she ran through it again with Roxxy. "This is a collection of some of what I think are the best up and coming songs on the scene." She explained, bringing those up for Gale. Gale couldn't help but admit that her operator had some nice taste in music. "We're going to break into the radio tower's network, and slide these songs into the queue, to spread the music to the people who deserve to get to hear it!" Roxxy's tempo and excitement had picked up.

Gale was getting pumped, too. "Alright then, leave the infiltration part to me, from here on out." She was ready to spread their music to the people. "It's pretty good stuff too. Let's see, there's. . ." as she looped through the music Roxxy was spreading, she couldn't help but notice that Roxxy had slipped a few of her own band's songs in to the mix. "Well, that's a little cocky, but I guess if she thinks they're good enough. . ." Gale mused.

Roxxy had her own good enough justifications, which laid along similar lines. She thought her music was great. "Besides, I'm doing all this work to spread good music to the people of Electown, so I might as well get something out of it." She returned to focus on the job at hand, though. "We better get started. You ready, Gale?"

"I was born ready, Roxxy." Gale replied.

As Roxxy pondered how accurate it was for a Navi to claim to have been born, she set ahead with the Jack-in sequence. "Gale.EXE, Jack-in!"