Opening the door slowly, Zeo surveyed the room. "All this in a few hours..." he trailed off in disbelief, stepping inside and closing the door. "I guess it's for the best." He walked across the room and flung himself on the bed, taking his time looking around. The bed was right up against the window of the room and displayed a third floor view of a bustling Electown street.

Beside the bed was a worn wooden desk, presumably only that way to be stylish considering that it was new. On top of the desk sat a very used looking computer complete with a sleek monitor and tower, both machines looking somewhat odd covered in dust. Upon noticing this, Zeo got up and smirked. "At least you're still around," he said to the computer before starting to clean it up. As he did he took in the rest of the room. There was a bathroom near the door and a closet opposite that. The rest of the room was bare aside from a small black television perched high up on a shelf across from the bed. At least I convinced her not to furnish the place too, Zeo thought, sighing.

Once he was finished tidying up his computer, Zeo hit the power and placed his PET into a charger set up near the keyboard. ViralMan appeared on the screen a moment later. "Alright, so what was that phone call about and... where are you?" the Navi asked. "The phone call was to my mother," Zeo answered. "I decided it was time to stop wandering around and actually get a place to call home. She was only too happy to oblige." ViralMan raised an eyebrow. "And this is what you got? It's a little spartan, considering your mother got it for you."

"It... took some convincing, but I eventually got her to stick to the bare essentials," Zeo replied, laughing sheepishly. "Now, I need something to get my mind off my latest conversation with the folks. You up for some busting?" ViralMan responded with a smile. "After your little 'mission,' I'm bored out of my digital skull. Let's go." Zeo nodded enthusiastically and removed the PET from its dock, pointing it at a port on the computer and sending ViralMan into the net.