Home Sweet Home

"Ahh! Feels great to be back in my own room! My comfy bed, my awesome computer, and my poster of Blazeman.." Cole said, while admiring everything in his room.
"Yeah. Feels great to be in here. Why don't I go see MY home?"
"Can't it wait?"
"No. I want to kill some viruses NOW!" Blazeman shouted, while stamping his feet on the ground.
"OK, OK! Just stop stamping your feet, your making the P.E.T vibrate!"
"Thank you." Blazeman said, while putting his foot back on the ground.
As Cole took out a wire from his P.E.T, he screamed "JACK IN! BLAZEMAN! FIRE UP!" and then he plugged into his computer.
"Blazeman, wanna go battle in Netopia?"
"Three things, Cole. One, I'm tired. Two, you dragged me away from the net in the first place. Third, Netopia viruses will KILL ME IN TWO HITS."
"Come on you big baby, we will make sure you have teammates!"
"UGH. Fine, jack me in." Blazeman said, while flapping his arms down.
"Yay! Jack In, Blazeman, FIRE UP!"
(Jack In)
"Alright, bad mishap, let's start over. This time, fresh at ACDC."
"Fine.." Blazeman said stubbornly while waking up from his nap.
"Jack in, Blazeman, FIRE UP!"