Vita slumped down in one of her chairs, a bulbous mass of material that formed to let her sit back in it. It hadn't taken very long after the mission for the worst of the symptoms to overtake Zeta. She was finally forced to shut him down to go for repairs, and he was never able to wake up. It had killed her, and if it wasn't for attending classes at Dentech she may have just rotted away in her apartment. When she finally went for some help, the damage was already out of her control. Her only choice was a reset of her PET and new elements for her graphics and personality systems. The set-up had taken her a couple of hours, but since she couldn't bust and couldn't test any hardware alterations herself, she had the time.

"That should do it." She pointed out, tapping on a key and leaning back as the data finished compiling. This had been the first time she had gone through this entire process, and she didn't want to mess up. There was also the set-up procedure for the support program... She'd be starting fresh with two units at once. The small screen on her PET filled up with the visuals of her new Navi, slowly completing. Vita couldn't help but lean forward and gently prodded at the screen. "Wake up, Wyvern." She said lightly, biting her lip.

The girl on screen slowly opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times. Data began to stream down one side of the screen as a full system check knocked off each of the working elements one by one. "..." The eyes moved slowly back and forth, taking in data from the camera of the PET. "I... am... operational..." The navi said.

"Ah..." Vita answered, falling back into her chair. It was almost depressing talking to a different Navi.

Colour began to fill into Wyvern's eyes and she looked back and forth again. "Ara? V...Vita?" She asked, suddenly fixing on the girl as the rest of her elements filled in in the background. "Oh! There you are, silly girl. Good morning, Vita!" She said with a giggle, tilting her head. "Oh, it's late afternoon... I guess I'm a little off, heh heh heh~."

Vita perked up and learned towards the screen. "Oh! You're... You feel okay?" She said, smiling lightly at the Navi.

Wyvern looked back and forth, the screen now filled with her whole body. "Yup! All ready to go!" She replied, smiling wide.

"Eh? Go where?" Vita asked, furrowing her brow.

"Ara? Oh... Go... Out?" Wyvern said, tilting her head. "I guess I want to go out somewhere."

"You mean... Like onto the network?" Vita thought out loud, putting a hand under her chin.

"Is that out? Yes! Let's go there then!" Wyvern replied, nodding excitedly.

"That sounds..." Vita told her, stopping. "Well, I guess we need to check out your systems. We'll start you somewhere easy, okay?" Vita said with a nod.

"Mhmm! Let's go!" Wyvern replied, running off into the distance and in circles, while Vita was busy jacking her PET into the local network.

[Jacking In]