Outside a Shop

Rose smiled happily. It had taken quite a while to do it, but it looked like she had finally finished upgrading SummonerMan's signature attacks. She laid a rather heft book down on the bench next to her, and contemplated what she'd done. "Well, it cost me a bit, that book. But this really should help make SummonerMan a better competitor. And once he's better at fighting, we should be able to increase our rewards. Like, exponentially increase them."

The store hadn't actually charged that much. She glanced overhead at the imposing walls of the structure. It was probably one of the perks that came with being a mega-corporation; being able to charge small amounts for things, knowing that you can make up for it in sales.

Rose wasn't complaining though. She was, after all, taking advantage of both the "handy" (if one could call such a colossal guide handy) book she'd bought from them, and a bench outside the store that they, doubtlessly, had provided.

She powered her PeT back up, ready to take advantage of yet another service the store rendered: free wifi.

"Hey, Summ, how are you feeling?" She asked, as soon as the screen lit up.

The navi open his eyes, raised his eyebrows in surprise as he looked over his body, and responded. "I feel perfectly fine." he responded. "It doesn't seem like you messed up a single thing, Ma'am."

Rose took that as a positive response, and smiled. "Well then," she began, as she prepared to send him onto the web, "now would be a good time to test that out."

[Jack-in, ElectownNet!]
Rose signed off the Net and stood up. "Well, that was fun. I guess." she said, as she picked up her book.

SummonerMan echoed the "I guess," since he did indeed share that sentiment. Or at least that attitude.

"And now for something pretty similar but way more fun." she said. And then she stopped speaking, as she realized that even in an age of personal assistancts with complete AI it still looked odd to talk to people who didn't appear to be physically present.

She smiled at her silliness as she walked over to her car in the parking lot, unlocked it, threw her book in the back seat, and climbed into the front.

After locking it again she climbed slid the keys in and turned the car on. She turned on the radio, too, and listened to some music; she had some time to kill before she found out where she was going. While she killed that time listening to music, she very effectively multi-tasked by starting up her PeT's GPS, so she wouldn't have to wait for it to find satellites later.
Scilabs it was, apparently. Rose entered the store's name into her GPS, waited for it to turn up with the right address, and put the car in gear.

Since it was day time, and a brimmed cap wasn't enough, she put on a pair of rose-colored glasses, as well. Well, to be fair they were silver as far as the earpieces and bridge went, but the glass was rose colored.

And after getting those on, she was off.