At your local Best Buy

Electown is what you'd expect any big city to be: Loud, crowded, and endless. A place where mindless people mindlessly walked to and fro, not having any specific destination, or having too many at once. A perfect place for someone starting over. Or at least thats what went through the mind of Akua as he too wandered through the crowds of zombies, looking at each of the shops that he passed by.

"Lets see..." Akua said, sporting his blue fishing jacket and black beanie. "Nope....nuh way..." Akua's voice faded out the more and more he looked around, realizing more and more that he was talking to himself. All of the stores were either restaurants or clothing stores, all crowded to the brim with people. Not that a new wardrobe or a hot meal was a bad idea, but Akua was much more interested in an electronics shop. He stopped and eyed down the store in front of him, gazing upon the neon glowing sign. He raised his voice to a normal speaking level.

"Here we are!"

Walking into the store was like walking into a giant electronic maze. On the left were countless video games and countless demos with just as many kids crowded around each. To the right, TVs the size of Akua blarred with equally as tall sound systems, giving the whole place almost an arcade feel. The only thing that was missing was Dance Dance Revolution and it would be a sort of Super Tilt. Akua admired the noise around him, but was more concerned with the back of the store, where laptops, desktops, and netbooks made their own little labrynth within the store.

"What are we doing here Akua?" said a stern voice from Akua's PET. "We better not be here to play games or buy something you don't need. You DEFINITELY can't afford that right now."

"Relax Di" was the response in the exact opposite tone of voice. Akua pushed himself through crowds of people while talking to his Navi. "I should probably call you 'Mr. DiDiver.EXE' now since you let my Dad change your theme. I thought we had a good thing going before." DiDiver wasn't very happy with Akua's attitude. "You know very well why I agreed to it. There's no point in being sour about something thats already happened. Besides, I'm stronger now than I was before."

"You were strong before?" DiDiver didn't respond.

Akua's and DiDiver's little journey led them to the back of the store by one of the smaller desktops. Akua fiddled with the computer a little, making sure there was an internet connection on the machine. DiDiver knew what this ment. "Why did we come here if all you want to do is get me on the internet? Whats wrong with somewhere less busy?" Akua closed the web browser and pulled out his PET. "I want to see what all my Dad did to you. Using one of these lightening fast computers will make it easier for me to monitor you and see what all has changed. Besides, this is my first time in a place that DOESN'T smell like fish."

DiDiver rolled his eyes to no avail. He was completely satisfied with where they were at their fishing lodge, since it was easier to keep an eye on Akua there than in such a big place. Not that location made much of a difference though. "Let's get this over with," DiDiver said lazily.

"Alright!" Getting a little carried away with the few moments in the big city air, Akua overdramatically inserted his PET into the computer, shouting a little louder than what was necessary. "Jack In! DiDiver.EXE! Execute!"
Akua quickly jacked DiDiver out, walking away from the computer section back to the front of the store. Di had just barely made it back into the PET before Akua had cut off his only way out of the internet. The water navi didn't take the unneeded rush lightly. "Akua! What are you doing?! Trying to leave me here while you go do whatever you want?!" Di's tone was that of a parent scolding his child. Akua ignored his navi's mood and explained his reasoning. "I just wanted to see what you could do. I didn't want to stand here all day while you do some virus busting. Now that I know what you're capable of, maybe we can make a few bucks."

DiDiver began putting the pieces together. "Do you know how wrong gambling is? You can't just throw away your money thinking you'll get more. Be reasonable Akua! What would your father want?"

Akua stopped his traverse to the front of the store. Di realized he had struck a bad cord with his operator as he remained silent. Talking about Akua's father was taboo. Akua wasn't proud of himself or his father, and he certainly didn't want anything to do with him anymore. His expectations for his son weren't what Akua wanted out of his life, and Di's reminder brought back those memories of defiance. Taking a deep breath, Akua sighed. "Fine," he said at last. "We'll see if I can get a job or something."

With that, he walked out of the doors of the store, wondering through the city.
Akua didn't walk very far throughout the city before he was hit with a brilliant idea. The only way DiDiver knew that something was developing in his Operator's head was that he quickly changed direction and his walking speed. Di, of coursed, posed the predictable question to his partner. "Where are we going? What's going on in that rebellious head of yours?"

Akua found a bench, and luckily a place to jack in to. You've got to love these random internet access locations, right? "Well," he said, explaining himself as best he could. "If we want to make a few bucks, where would the best place to go be? The BBS, right? I'm sure we can find somebody or something that will give us a little extra cash. Or better yet, if we play our cards right, we could get some zenny pretty easily." What Akua meant by that, Di didn't know, and the navi was pretty sure Akua fully didn't know either. Before he could ask any questions, DiDiver was jacked in to the net. "Alright, see if you can find another Navi." Di was skeptical. "And then?" he said in a confused tone. "And up with him." Di gave him. He decided that just doing what Akua said would make his life easier, so he set off. His location: the first BBS he could find.