Working from Home [Offline]

"I'm home~." Vita said, walking into the small apartment that was barely made of two rooms. She flattened herself onto a futon that made up her bed as well as the majority of her current furniture. Rolling onto her back, the time glowing at her from the microwave in the kitchen caused her to groan and roll around again. "We spent way too much time screwing around earlier, Zeddy." She commented to him, lazily dragging her PET towards her PC and hooking the two together. "There you go. Find something to do." Her headphones off, unable to hear anything coming from the device at the moment.

"You have no time to sleep yet, Vita." Came a powerful, commanding voice as the computer screen activated and the image of Zetaman appeared on it. "You still need to unpack and you haven't set up a new mail account nor local webpage."

"I'ma gonna make a Zetagirl..." Vita mumbled.

"I don't want to hear it!" Zetaman replied, his voice echoing on the local stereo system. He sighed and brought up a small to-do list from deeper in the computer. "You need to get this done before midnight. You're lucky you're not working on assignments yet." He said, opening up another window that linked to her class list.

"Zeeeeeddddy~..." Vita complained, pulling herself up next to the PC and her PET and opening a window of her own that squished Zeta's image to a corner. She smiled and laughed to herself.

"I'm going to check things out online around here. You work and give me chips when I need them, okay?" Zetaman told her, disappearing from the screen, his progress showing up on the PET.

"Zetagirl wouldn't talk back." Vita added.
"-So don't you try and tell me what to do." Zetaman said, suddenly stopping and looking around himself.

"Come one Zed, we're going to head out for a walk. I'm going to send some mail too, so be a good boy." Vita said, pulling on a jacket and plugging in her headphones as her PET was disconnected from the network and she headed for the door.

"VITA! I won't stand for this kind of disrespect! I demand that you-" Zetaman continued. Vita slowly turned the hardware dial on her headphones down to a minimum, so that Zeta's voice was only a quiet whisper in her ears.

[Heading out]