Humble returnings...

Zanzo, along with Davis, arrived among Electown's various apartments after a short bus trip.

"The cities around here really grow on you after a while... Hope you're not feeling homesick already, dude." Zanzo said with a chuckle. "Want to head up to my apartment?" he asked. "I've got an official jacking HUB there, courtesy of Master. Takes us immediately to the NetSquare, where we could introduce our navis to each other on the net before heading into ElecNet to bust a bit."
Davis happily walked beside Zanzo with a rather large smile on his face "I think i like it here already." He chuckled with his hands clasped together behind his head, Blitz was rather quiet for this trip as she didn't say a word. Davis looked around as they strolled by the apartments and buildings hoping they would reach his place soon. He wanted to see how Zanzo was doing, What he had been up to? How life was treating him? Blitz was unusually quiet as she sat on the ground in her small net world, her eye's were closed and she seemed uneasy. She wasn't good a making new friends, she would freeze up, shake and other wise be very nervous. It had been a long time since she had last heard from Zanzo and Nachamen. Hugging her knees she rested her head on her arms and sighed as she knew what was going to happen.
As the two approached a particularly blue-toned apartment, Zanzo stopped by a card-swiping slot near the entrance and pulled out the corresponding 'key'. Sliding it through, he opened the door before letting Davis in. Catching up, Zanzo guided his pal down the hall before happening upon an open elevator. After taking it up several floors, the two found themselves before a hall of doors. Zanzo lead with a left turn, walking down three doors before stopping on the forth.

"It isn't much, so don't get your hopes up..." Zanzo said with a sigh, slotting his card from earlier into the door. A green light pipped on above the handle, allowing Zanzo to pull back and invite his company in with a gesture from his available hand. As the two walked in, however, Zanzo stood in a bit of awe, blinking in succession as he laid eyes upon his apparently refurbished abode. A fancy couch laid ahead facing the right, wherein a wall held upon it a somewhat large flat-screen TV. A table stood off a few feet with several chairs about it, bearing upon its center a small fixated box bearing a holoscreen showing updated NetPolice reports.

Looking through the apartment, Zanzo and Davis would find in the two rooms off to the left fully-furbished bedrooms, complete with queen-size beds, several blankets and pillows, comforters, a chair each to match desks bearing atop them fully-functional desktop computers with monitors to fit.

"...I guess Master wanted to reward me for my 'initiation' into the NP..." He stopped a bit to explain. "I mean, I'm not like an officer or anything, but I am officially a NetBattler affiliated with them."
Davis again looks around at the things in Zanzos' home and smiles "Whoa man this is pretty awesome. I don't have anything like this in ACDC town. It's really nice here I hope to get some cool things like this in my apartment."Lifting up his hand Davis pats his hand on Zanzos' shoulder softly with a large smile. Blitz on the other hand was now really freaking out about meeting Nachamen and Zanzo. Her knees chattered together as small quiver ravaged her body, her hair cascading over her and blocking her face, arms, hands, and most of her legs. Hugging herself tightly to try and stop her quivering. "So man where can i jack in i'm sure Blits is amped about meeting Nachamen. I know that i am."Davis keeps smiling as he reaches down gently grabbing his PET and detaching it from his belt loop that it was connected to. She looks up after hearing her name and what Davis was attempting to do. I guess she had to make herself ready "come on Blitz you can do this, it's ok it'll be fine."She stood up and shook herself to stead her nerves.
"Well, let's try out that HUB then, eh?" Zanzo replied, walking over to the table. He then pulled out a chair, sat down and unstrapped his PET before aiming it toward the box atop the table's center. "Nac, you ready?" Zanzo asked as he peered into his PET screen.

Nachahmen nodded, then began to stretch and contort various parts of his body in a somewhat erratic and exaggerated fashion.

"Heh, alright then. Nachahmen.EXE, jacking in..." Zanzo uttered, and the purple navi disappeared in a flash...

((To NetSquare))
"SWEET YEAH LETS DO THIS." Davis grips his PET and tosses it straight into the air giving it a little flip. He walked over to the same HUB and Catching his PET behind his back "ALRIGHT BLITZ LETS DAZZLE THEM WITH YOUR BLINDING FLASH." Plugging in to the jack Davis yells"BLITZ LIGHTNING.EXE JACK IN AND LIGHT UP THE NET SPACE." Blitz turned to the sky and was about to say something but as her lips parted a flash engulfed her and she disappeared.