In a dark corner of Electown, a small, nondescript building with a plain-letter sign saying Dark Sun Investigations can be found. If you were to go inside, you would see a young man in a heavy hooded sweatshirt and badly maintained pants scowling at his PET. "So," He growled, "do you remember the plan?"
The PET answered in a happy voice, "I sure do, Nick!"
"Obviously you don't, otherwise you wouldn't be so cheerful. You are to -"
"Go to the abandoned area of ElecTown Net, awaiting the target, 'sell him the illegal data' - which is actually a patch to trace him back to his owner - and battle him if necessary?"
Nick sighed, annoyed at the energy of his navi. "What is wrong with you," he asked. This was a rhetorical question, as evidenced by the fact that Nick jacked Sol in before he could answer.