Leila returned home to her rather tiny downtown apartment, hardly more than a single room with a kitchenette and a bathroom, but it was home. She set down her backpack by her bed and took a seat on of only two chairs in her apartment as she looked over the green and white PET she'd picked up from an auction that had also been selling off a bunch of medical equipment. It seemed sort of odd to her, but she'd never had her own navi before, and with her small budget this was pretty much the best she could do for now. Her parents were never big on technology, they had just one navi for helping out around the house and taking messages for the family, so if she ever wanted her own, she'd have to get it herself.

After a few minutes of looking over the somewhat dusty instruction manual that came with the PET she powered it up, after a short loading screen the image of a small robot like navi appeared on the screen.

"Well hello there, I'm Leila, it's nice to meet you....erm...Mekka?" Leila asked as she looked over the navi information in the back of the manual. The small navi nodded as she rubbed the back of her head,

"Er...yea that's me....so....I guess you're my new netop then." Leila nodded a little as she continued to look through the instruction manual for the PET,

"It certainly looks that way, there's an awful lot to read in these manuals..." Mekka blinked then sort of grinned as she leaned against the side of the PET's screen,

"You know I do live in this thing, I could probably be a little more helpful than that manual." Leila looked up from the manual, then smirked back as she set it down,

"A fair point, I've just never had my own navi before...well...except Gates, but he was sort of the family's navi. I suppose we'll just start with basic information then."

After a few moments of getting Leila's email and basic info entered into the PET the two returned to a bit of light conversation, the small navi starting to warm up to her new netop. It could certainly have been worse, she could have ended up with some bratty little kid. Leila seemed nice enough though, kind of quiet and laid back, but certainly not someone who'd just treat her like some kind of appliance. Leila found that she quite enjoyed the small navi's energetic personality once she'd started to get comfortable with her new surroundings, it seemed like a good match for the both of them.

"So what else can navis do besides organizing emails and such?" asked Leila as she warmed her supper in the microwave.

"Well, we can search for information on the net, help take care of viruses, all sorts of things, but I suppose I've mostly just done data organization since, well...that was pretty much my job at the hospital." Leila nodded and then picked up her supper and the PET, heading back over to her computer and switching it on.

"Help with viruses huh? Oh is that like net battling? I think you came with a few chips too...maybe that's what they're for. Gates never battled with anything really...except for our dish washer from time to time...but that's something else. They did say that you were light security detail as well, did you do any battling when you worked at the hospital?"

"I don't think I ever saw a single virus in the hospital's system, it was a pretty secure network, but I do have busting equipment." Leila pondered that as she looked at her computer screen finding the PET's cable and looking for the port on her computer,

"Well we can give that a try then if you want, I've never done any virus busting myself, but I've seen elementary school kids doing it so how hard could it be?" Mekka then jacked in, showing up on the computer screen before she entered the net,

"Well let's give it a shot then, I'm sure it's nothing I can't handle" the small navi said with a grin. Leila dug the chips out of the box that the PET had come in, setting them out on her desk then nodding to Mekka

"Alright then, I'm ready when you are." The small robot navi then ventured into the net, having never left the hospital mainframe before this would be her first time, but she was confident that there would be nothing to worry about.