Some post-flight busting.

Strolling down a bustling street in Electown, Zeo nimbly dodged some shoppers and retreated to an unoccupied bench. He pulled out his PET and turned it on. His navi appeared on the screen, arms crossed with a stern look on his face. Zeo sighed and adjusted his baseball cap. "Is there a reason you're giving me that look?" he asked. The look on ViralMan's face was replaced with a smirk. "Nope, but you might want to hurry up and find somewhere we can bust."

Zeo smiled in turn and cast his eyes about for a port. He got up from the bench, jogged to a display in a store window and pointed the PET at a television. A sign beside him read, "Please, do not use this display to enter the Net." He shrugged. As he pressed the button on his PET, he managed to stop himself from shouting:

"Jack in, ViralMan, execute!" Instead, he whispered it to himself.

Afterwards, he walked to a vending machine and bought a soda. A voice came from his PET. "Zeo, there's a guy coming from that store you were just at, and he doesn't look happy." A man was indeed approaching him with a displeased look. Zeo skirted several stands and ran a block through throngs of people before stopping and ripping the hat from his head.

"Maybe he won't notice me without my hat. Anyways, let's get on with this." He returned his attention to the PET.
Zeo tossed his PET in the air, grabbed it and deposited it in its holster. By this point he was leaning against an unknown storefront, reached in his scramble to avoid pedestrians. He made sure that all of his chips were safely put away before setting off for the Metroline.

"Two chips for four battles. Not a bad day's work," he said to himself.

"But we still didn't get that much," commented ViralMan. "Anyways, going into sleep mode. Talk to you later." A quiet beep from the PET signaled the navi's exit.

"Yep," said Zeo, seconds late. He turned a familiar looking corner, which turned out to be not so familiar.

A few minutes later, he realized he was lost and found a map online to guide him out of this consumer hell, back to the safety of the Metroline.