The fates of the world turn in sombre clockwork. Every season, lives are given, lives are taken. Yet human nature is always the same.

Tomorrow is simply a period of choices. How we act in each rendition shapes our future, the paths we must follow, yet cannot know.

History has given us patterns, a rough guide map of these roads. It is up to us which path we take, for each has their own rewards and penalties.

It is important to note that the correct roads are not always the best.The way to happiness is to follow your dreams, whether they are on the right path or not. For that is God's will.

For us to be loving, and to be hateful. To be trusting, and to be suspicious. To be curious, to be ignorant, to be valorous, to be sinful.

To be unique. To be imperfect.

To be Human.

Tyies' Abode
Electown District

Tyies finishes typing and reclines backwards on his chair, resting a leg on the table. He'd been writing this essay for a number of days, and it was due sometime soon, though he wasn't really sure when.

"Huh. Profound stuff. You can stick that on your wall." he mutters to himself.

<<Ooh, Derek... *swoon*>>

After stretching and scratching his chin, he reaches out for a hand-sized, electronic device on a shelf next to him, his PET. Displayed on the screen are two embracing figures standing together in a homely setting, possibly a bedroom.

"Ugh. Dating simulators again?" he enquires, doing little to hide his distaste.

<<EEEEEEEK!>> shrieks the female figure on the screen, breaking away from her make-believe partner, <<Jeese, Ty! Ever heard of a little privacy!?>> she snaps, accessing the PET's inner functions and turning off the display.

Tyies pushes up his glasses and rubs his eyes. "I don't see what your fascination with those games is, Ran..." he sighs, placing the terminal back where it was. Taking a break from his college assignment, he sits up and pulls a drawing pad towards him. Selecting a finely sharpened pencil, he surveys his remaining materials.

"Oh, hmm. Looks like this is my last one." he ponders.

The PET's screen flicked back on, revealing a pouting figure with her arms folded.

<<Thanks for making things awkward.>> Ran huffs sarcastically.

"No problem." Tyies replied teasingly, "But anyway, I have something for you to help me with."

<<Hmmph. Well, alright. Just as long as you leave me alone next time.>>

"That's fine with me. And remember to keep the volume down."

He leans over to the shelf and presses the Run option, since the PET was already close to his computer's jack-in port.

"Jack-in active, Turrello Ran. Let's go!"

<<A women's wrath is second to none!>>