"Look at these! Nwe headphones!" said Dave as left the shop full of electronic goods.
"Oh come on! Will you tell me again, how can this thing help us? Looks like I didn't catch it at the first time ..." came the answer from his PET.
"It's simple: I can listen music while you kick some virus ass. Isn't it great?" Dave was scintillating, as he connected the headphones to his music player, and tried them on.
"So soft and warm ... now I don't have to be afraid of cold days"
"Okay, if you're satisfied, will you buy something for me too?"
"Hmm ... maybe later ... wait, I have an idea!"
Dave went in a café, and ordered a cup of hot tea. He took it to a table in the corner and sat down.
"Would you like to explore the net here?"
"Yes, YES!! I thought boredom will kill me ..."
"Come on! Isn't this day great?"
No answer came. Dave sighed, and readied his PET to jack in Raider.