*sigh* An oh so fun request...

There were flames everywhere. He could hear the screaming, he could see the flames enveloping his eye, he could feel his tears evaporating, making his eye even hotter. He could smell the burning wallpaper and clothes of his parents room. And he could feel... rocks falling on his head? That never happened before. Ronike started to swat at the rocks, when he began to hear a voice calling his name...
"I'm up, who could sleep through getting their eye burned to uselessness..." He was suprisingly calm for one in his situation. The rocks got bigger and actually started to hurt. He looked up to see if he could stop these rocks, it hurt! But when he looked up, he saw...

"-NIKE! WAKE UP!!!!"
Ribuje was awoken by the oh so gentle tactic of being rammed in the head by his Navi, along with the Navi's yelling.
"Ugh... Stop it Strouth..." he continued the swatting, while looking around in the darkness to find something to shield himself with. He quickly gave up, it was just too dark. "Why is it so dark Strouth..."

"Well, its probably because there is no sun, just like usual at four in the morning! Rise and shine though!"

"Strouth, its four? I'm not getting up yet..."

"You got an email asking for virus help from the city. They say it's urgent, and it can't wait.

"Ok, ok, Im getting up..."

Ronike sits up from his floor bed in his apartment, and rubs his eyes some, and goes over to his computer.

"So wheres that email?"

"Um... I deleted it?"

"You were just bored huh..."

"No!" Strouth sarcastically states (woo for alliteration) "When have I ever done that man?"

"Well, besides last night, there was the night before that, and the week before that, and"

"Ok, ok, I've done it before! I get it!"

"Done it before? Not just a little... well, I'm up now anyways, so I guess it can't hurt to do a little virus busting."

"YES!! AH HA!!! This wil be fun!!!! Whoo! Virus Busting! YEAH!" Strouth just went on and on.

"Well don't get to excited..." Ronike sighed "Gotta love these of so fun requests.... Well, Strouth, Jack in, power up..."

Even while leaving the PET, Ronike swore he could still hear Strouth yelling in excitement on his way to the net...
"Come on now Ronike, that's just plain mean!"

The navi was obviously unhappy to be back in his pseudo prison, AKA his PET.

"You're the one being unfair... I told you that would be the last one... Now, I'm going to bed, and I've turned off your self Jack-in software, so don't even try it...

"... I can't believe you would trust me so little... I wasn't gonna disturb anything..."

"Yeah right, just like that time you burnt down the entire kitchen, right..."

And before awaiting Strouth's counterpoint, Ronike crawled into his footbed and went back to sleep.

The entirety of Ronike's house was engulfed in the annoying buzzing that was his net operated fire alarms. And yet there were no flames...

"What? You weren't waking up to your alarm, so I rigged the alarm system into the fire alarm, I figured it would help you wake up!

Ronike facepalmed, and grabbed his black coat with the red x insignia and Strouth's PET. He threw his chip data, the zenny data, and his metro pass to ACDC into his coat pocket.

"You moron, now the fire department has to come and turn them off... and its a crime to be here when they are... Sometimes you just make me so mad..."

"Well now maybe we can go get some new chips, maybe meet some new people!"

Ronike walked out the door and started to walk to the nearest metro station.

"Yeah right... Well might as well check on that fire knife chip..."

He waited for the next metro to ACDC and got on, Strouth annoying everyone around him with his continuing antagonization of Ronike...

((To ACDC))