As the sun began to go down in the bustle of Electown, a lone figure walked the street. He seemed to walk with a slight shuffle, but otherwise he looked like someone you'd find on playboy. He crossed the street and entered a small cafe. It screamed,"SCI-FI FAIL!" type of decor, with glowing neon lights that flashed sporadically and silver metal seats. The entire room was filled with fog, and cold, which made the fact that waiters and waitresses were all wearing bright colors more painful to his eyes.

"One cup of Jade tea, please. No cream or sugar." Jaden asked as one of the waitresses approached him. "Are you sure you wouldn't mind a juicey?" She asked smiling like he was a small child. The fact that he looked somewhat younger than he was might have attributed to this fact. "No thank you, I'd rather have the Jaden tea." He dismissed her with a wave of his hand. She rolled her eyes and went back into the fog to make tea. As they were waiting, Jaden talked to Axis. "So. What shall we do now? I can't hardly think of settling down, but on the other hand, a bit of a quiet life would be nice." Axis began to spin on a swivel-chair in his PeT. "Do you want to settle down?" He asked Jaden rhetorically. Both of them knew that you couldn't really settle down but Jaden thought it was worth try.

"Well, no, not that I think about it. I want to experience the thrills of netbattling a worthy opponent." Jaden said as he put his hand under his chin and began to think. Some time later, the waitress came back and gave him a cup of something that was definitely, not Jade. He sighed at the lack of competence and then left. Giving a small tip. He walked outside into the brisk air, and stared at the sky. The glow from nearby Electown nightlife was too bright to make out the stars. But he knew they were there. As they walked down the street, Jaden saw a stereo system with a Jack in Port. Having not taken Axis for a fight for a short while, he decided that a battle would help him think.

"Jack in, Axis.EXE!"