No end to the problems

Gale stormheart: ::walks into the 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment he is currently staying, sets his backpack down and takes off his coat and hat:: jeez you think that class would be alot less complicated

Cross: ::from Gale's PET:: hey don't complain you didn't have to deal with the teacher's navi or those annoying navi's that belong to your classmates and friends

Gale: ::shrugs and sighs then goes over to the fridge and opens it:: oh come on when did i run out of things to eat and drink and right now i'm broke

Cross: ::wanna try busting som viruses?

Gale: ::looks at his watch:: yeah i got time before i have to go out again ::aims his PET at the controal panel for the apartment:: jack in bloody cross power up
Cross: hey gale don't you have somewhere to be?

Gale: crud i forgot i got to head to sharo for an assignment the teach wants me to bring him some of the snow that seems to cover sharo year round

Cross: get going

Gale: right ::heads to the airport::