"Now then, are you sure this is everything my boss ordered?" Zolem asked as he loaded the last of the packages onto the bike.

"For the fith time yes. That's the whole order. Now don't lose it, that stuffs imported from Sharo, and it's prety expensive." the shipping manager replied. He was tired, and a bit exasperated. He wanted this kid gone before he knocked over yet another stack of crates.

"Alright. Thank you, goodbye!" he replied, getting on his bike and riding off.

"So, what are we icking up again? Some sort of spice?" Geyser asked, checking over the memo again.

"Yep. Powdered safron, ten zenny a gram to stock."

"Whoah, that's once expensive spice! How much did he order anyway?"

"Acording to this invoice, he ordered, lets see, whoah, sorry!" Zolem said, swirving in time to avoid hitting a six year old he hadn't seen while trying to read the invoice.

"Maybe you should focus on not hitting little kids instead of reading. Here, let me read it, let's see....ten killograms! That's onehunderedthousand zenny! And he trusted you to pick it up?" Geyser asked in amazement. "I'm glad to see he's got a lot of faith in you."

"Actually, he's got all hisworkers going around on erands for him. THat big cooking competition is coming up soon, so everyone's buying up fine ingredeants like this safron. From what I get, this was the least bulky order, and the only one that could be carried by bike. SO really, it was the only job he could give me. Anyway, a lot of his orders are just about as big." Zolem turned down an ally, a short cut he had found a few weeks ago, cutting a few streets off his route.

"If he can aford all this, why is his shop so small?"

"He says he dosn't want the hassle of running a big shop. Anyway, hows the trafic report for up ahead?"

"Major road block on 67 South, an overturned tractor trailor carring cars which spilled out over the road. Expected dely of six hours. Guess you'll have to take the draw bridge back."

"Aw well, that's not too bad. alright, turn off here, and whoah!" he slamed on the brakes, just in time to avoide hitting the car in front of him. "Hey, why are all these cars backed up?" he asked, as he swerved around them onto the bike path.

"Somthings wrong with the bridge. It's been stuck in the up position for the last half hour. They got a maitinance crew, so it should be fixed soon." one of the drivers, a nice old lady, explained.

"Well, this shouldn't take too long. So lets hurry up to the bridge. The repair crew should have it fixed soon. Thank you for filling me in mam!" Zolem said, giving a small bow as he sped off.

"Don't mention it.......so that was Beriha's son hmmm? Let's see just how good he is." she wispered, as she opened up a labtop, and watched.

It took about two minutes for Zolem to get up to the bridge, just in time to hear the maitnance crew jack out.

"It's no good. We;ve gotten most of the viri, but there's somthing else in there, and it beat all our navi. We'll have to get the net police in here." the head crewman explained.

"But that could take hours, especialy with the trafic jam. Look, I;m sure there have to be some net battlers nearby. Let's see if we can find one to help." one of the foreman sugested.

I know I'll regret this but.... "Excuse me, I'm a net battler. I over heard, so, can I help?"

"Hmmf, fine, you can help, but just deleate the viri. Don't try to fix the system or you could make it worse, got that!?"

"..yes sir. Could you please stop glaring at me, it's rather uncomfortable." Zolem said, shying back a bit.

"Huh? I though you net battler types were suposed to be gung-ho daredevels without fear." the forman asked in surprise, and although he did stop glaring, his new look of doubt was a bit disconcerning.

"Um, well, don't beleive everything you hear. Ok, let's do this, I have a delivery to make. Geyser, jack in, download!"