Law Offices of Pander and Cant

The law offices of Pander and Cant are situated at the eighth floor of an upscale art-deco styled skyscraper reminiscent of the early antique buildings of the 20th century. Inside, however, the building has been completely renovated, with high-speed elevators, renovated dark marble flooring, and computing kiosks scattered around spacious public lounge areas. A moderate-upscale Italian restaurant and upscale coffee bar are available on the ground floor, along with a clothing boutique.

Upon entering the eighth floor, one sees a glass wall with "Pander & Cant" silver lettering. The deep green of healthy potted shrubbery lines the sides of the entrance. Through the glass doors and walls, one notices a gracefully-lined receptionist's desk, lit softly with silvery ambient lights from the modernist light scones in the wall behind. Simplistic curves characterize the furniture in the reception area. Round end tables with green marble tops accent bright red sofas. A triangular bookshelf contains receptacles of newspapers as well as a few token items of leisurely reading. The green marble coffee table in front looks impeccably clean, underused.

Two hallways lead from the reception area to the right and the left. The left hallway leads to a conference hall, (apparently rentable at reasonable rates), partners' offices, and a large library/storage area. The right hallway leads to minor offices for associates and paralegals, an open lounge area, and other multi-purpose areas. All in all, the complex is home to about fifty or so law professionals.
Sohee walked into the law firm about an hour earlier than usual. The overworked receptionist at the front greeted her with a faint smile. "Hello, Addie," she smiled. "Pander in yet?" Addie, a middle-aged woman with a natural grimace, replied with a wave of the hand. She was apparently already busy on the phone. The woman truly didn't rest. Sohee nodded with a return wave of the hand, and walked on. She made a note to herself to send Addie a gift basket before the next holiday. She wasn't such a bad dame; she had always kept a lookout for her on Pander, her jerk of a boss.

Sohee unlocked her office door and opened her briefcase. She took out her PET and connected it to the work computer, then spread out her manual and assortment of discovery documents. "Well, before I start, I suppose I should put Aidan to work," she thought, as she settled into her ergonomic swing chair.

She turned on the PET again, and jumped despite herself in seeing Aidan's grinning face on the LED. "Goodness, Aidan!" she hissed.

"Good morning, love," he continued to grin ridiculously. "More battles today? I need the money. Can't wait to get back to my old speed," he said, feinting a few quick punches as if to recall his legendary past.

"Certainly," Sohee humored him. "But I have an assignment for you. Get online, and check on the pending status of the following five patent cases."

She typed in the registration numbers of each of the cases, and plugged in Aidan to Electown Net. "Do the work you need to for me, and I'll go virus-busting with you over my lunch break," she bargained. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to my reading..."

[Aidan jacks into Electown Net...]