"Gah! I hate board meetings..." Taylor sighed, waking out of the Murasaki Security Systems corporate office. He stretched is arms in the air and yawned, his hair freeing itself from the liberal amounts of gel he used to keep it down. "Mmm..." he mumbled, realizing that he was both tired and thirsty. Even though he had been in a meeting for 4 hours, it was still early morning. After checking to see if any cars were coming, he jogged across the street, entering a quaint little coffee shop. It wasn't anything impressive, nothing like the multinational coffee chains appearing on almost every street corner, but the people there knew him and it had an internet connection. After throwing a greeting at the owner, a good friend of his after years of patronage, he sat in his normal booth near the back and pulled out the PET.

"It's about time..." Del said, smirking up out of the PET screen. His image disappeared from the screen and he appeared on the table in front of Taylor. "You have no idea how boring it gets in a pocket after two hours..."

"Well, what say you we vent a some of this boredom," Taylor said, wearing the same smirk as his ragtag Navi. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the only battlechips he had left. His collection had been much larger at one point, but starting a business costs money, and it was thanks to that sacrifice that he was able to live as he did now. Well, lets start rebuilding it now, he thought. "Alright, let's do this!"

"Del.EXE, Jack in."