In a small, out of the way apartment block, a lanky figure hunches over the door, fiddling with a set of keys. "You know, Haze, it really was a happy coincidence that this old place was available" he mutters. In response, a small hologram flares to life, a miniature warrior perching on his shoulder. "Yeah, who'd have thought the same apartment you had during university would still be available" the navi comments, an edge of sarcasm barely detectable, "the fact that only former students bother renting these anymore has nothing to do with it". "Oh don't be silly, I'm sure it's perfectly habitab..." he starts to reply, only to be stopped as he finally opens the door. The inside is a mess, chances are, no one's been in since he left the place a few years ago. "Haze, I don't suppose you can get the number of a decent cleaning company?" he asks. "Only if you jack me in" replies Haze. Tome saunters through the mould and rats, "right, the jack in port should be riiiiight here". He sweeps a thin layer of dust from the wall mounted socket and inserts the plug. "Haze.exe, jack in!"