"Welcome to CompUSA!" Kojiro said, dressed up in a shirt and tie with a name tag on his shirt. His hair was combed, his shirt was pressed, his tie clip was on, and he otherwise looked very good. "How can I help you? Fifty-percent off of all videogames today!"

This was Kojiro's evening job. He was a salesman, and he got a pretty decent commision based off of his work; a good 15% off of what he sold. Kojiro had been working there for three years, and he made a decent hourly wage too.

Of course, he had a habit of not looking too closely at who he said welcome to. Once in a while he had done it to other employees, once his boss, and even once to his aunt (Who he now lived with.).

This was the first time he did it to a classmate.

Shiori Misaka. Cute, and an underclassman to him. She had short, brown hair, cut in a sort of cute, even way. She almost always wore a shawl outside of school, and liked ice cream. Shiori also came up to his classroom during lunch to eat with her friends, which is how he knew her.

"Kojiro?" Shiori asked, looking at him strangly. "I didn't know you worked here!" Kojiro blinked, and then recognized her.

"Oh, hi, Shiori. Yeah, this is my job. What can I do for you?"