Home away from home

Ross laid lazily on a large bed in an Electown Hotel, staring up at the ceiling in an exhausted state. It had been a long flight from Sharo, and he had suffered from a case of jetlag. Regardless of his exhaustion, he was restless, and couldnt close his eyes for a minute.

Shifting every few minutes, He decided he wasnt going to be able to get any sleep unless he did something. Ross got up, looking at the exit to the Room. His parents had some important buisness over at the Scilab, so they wouldnt be home for quite a while.

Ross glanced over at the Laptop he owned, and pulled a PET from his coat pouch. Maybe Busting Viruses would help him focus his mind on a single thing, rather than scatter his thoughts about this new place. Ross walked over to his Laptop, and took a Jack cord, inserting it into the Device. "Rapidman, Plug in....Execute." He softly said to himself.
Soon after Jacking out Rapidman became lost in his own little world, not even speaking when Ross asked about him. The near-deletion experience caused him to think about his rash actions. Instead of Jacking out, Rapidman fought on, and if it wasnt for the Netpolice, he may have not survived the ordeal. Regardless, he wanted to battle Shinokami again without such distractions of Viruses and Officials.

"Ross. Im tired. Lets sleep." He finally spoke up, after ten minutes of silence. Ross nodded, hooking up his PET to a charger and turning it off, before laying on a hotel bed, dozing off seconds later.