Daekin could still hear the bathroom fan going from his room, despite the shower being downstairs, and his door being closed up. It was a low hum, and it didn't really matter. Especially when he was intending to start up some music anyway. It would be sure to drown out the monotonous noise. Of course, he wasn't going to listen to the radio. The songs played on there were usually some stupid new rapper "singing" about guns, "Ho's", or the wacky weed. Besides, he had about 14 gigabytes of music on his computer that were far better than that stuff. Like... J-Pop... Or Techno. At least that stuff either lacked words, or typically had lyrics of a different nature. Not to mention all the game music rips he made. It was legal so long as he owned the games, so he wasn't concerned. Pirating music was a far harder process in an area where digital security was able to keep up with hackers.

"Hey Kanti, start up a playlist, would ya? Need to put some pants on." No, Daekin wasn't naked... He had a towel on... A fluffy white cotton towel.

"Oh my God..." A groan came from Daekin's computer, into which Kanti was jacked in. "I really didn't need to know that, you know..." But, even with the protest, the speakers began to let loose with "Kinjirareta Asobi" by Ali Project. It was the opening to Rozen Maiden, and quite possibly the hardest song to sing ever. Why? The singer could fling syllables quicker than a disgruntled teacher handed out failing grades.

"Ha! Figured you needed something to brighten up your day. Have to leave you hanging when I go to practice. Don't want you or the PET getting smashed." Daekin grinned as he walked over to his computer, pulling out the swivel-base chair and taking a seat. He was finally wearing pants, just a pair of white pajama pants. And he was in the process of pulling on a red tee-shirt. His hair was still a bit wet, so he left the towel around his neck to catch any stray drips. "Anyway, what's the scoop? Wanna jack into ElecNet and tool around for a while?"

"What about the heightened virus warning level? They haven't announced anything regarding the cleanup of ElectNet, Netfrica, Yumland, and Sharo"

"That was about a month ago. If things weren't getting cleared up, we'd have heard about it. Might have a few more virii than usual, but things should be pretty stable now."

"How was practice anyhow?"

"Hell on earth, as usual. I swear the coach is a sadist... Let's Jack in."