The SciLab area was quite busy this time around. It was the usual file pushing and net deliveries for basic data, but other than that was the navi lurking around the area raiding cyber files and being attacked by viruses every once and a while, but that was a usual these days, but Dual's was a different case. His hands had dug rigorously through the data file out of pure desperation and frustration. He had sighed as he finished going through another SciLab's cyber server data storage that hadm information that was old and related to all of the company's affairs.

"Not here, not here! I just don't see it Zane!" The navi's hand had reached to his helmet's side where it would pick up sound that came to and fro at it's PET. The NetOp had held the device looking to the screen with his eyes being empty and somewhat cold with hint of confusion. It seemed depressing as he had sat not far from the SciLab's building that was a block away as he stayed aware of any approaching or close presence that might interrupt his task.

"Dual, please, we must dig deeper. I know the answer is in SciLab somewhere." The navi had looked back to his NetOp who's image was displayed on his visor that came across his eyes. "Sorry, there's nothing here, and right now, they are growing suspicious of us. Why don't we jack out for now and comeback when we have a plan of action?" Dual advised.

Zane wasn't no fool. He knew the risk he was taking when he had first jacked Dual into SciLab. Knowing years ago, he lost his memories over time because he was in SciLab for the longest. He could remember those cold rooms, and the white coats they wore like they were guinea pigs being tested upon, and now he felt strange every time he used his PET and he didn't know why. He lifted his wrist to see the bracelet he wore. It was a strange device he was sure since it stayed there for no reason at all, and across it's golden surface was the inscribed text saying, "Dual.9" on it's surface. He had lowered his head in spite of Dual's warning, and he finally took it into consideration as his lips parted slowly unsure at first, but he gave into the warning wisely.

"Okay...we'll go think about it later." Soon, the two partners had walked form the SciLab area taking the metro line to their home in Electown. It wasn't everything fancy and polished, but it was close to home as anyone else would call it. The bed with exposed cushion spots with the pillow with some feathers flying out. The walls that were speckled with clear wood while wallpaper surrounded the next few shown wood spots. The sound of the dark and feel of the coldness of his home that was similar to living a life alone. A rundown alley room that was unnoticed except by the occasional bum that would wander to close and wonder if the trash can nearby had any scraps.

It was a miracle Zane could retain a rich set of clean clothing and good hygiene in such a place, but that's what jobs were for, and since it was unnoticed, no one would have to ask about electricity to the building since they barely cared in Electown considering everything had energy running through it in such a place without a care in the world. As the orphan had walked the streets of the town heading to the alley that was just around the corner and in a few steps, Dual remained quiet as well as Zane himself not wanting to speak about their present situation or today's failure at once again trying to find out who the child truly was in his life, and where was his birth giver that brought him into such a world.