"Wow..." Nik said, standing out on the balcony of his new flat and taking in the view. Finding this place had been a stroke of luck as it was, but the view that came with it...

"Do most humans find pleasure in doing nothing?" a female voice asked, half exasperated, from the silver and blue PET clipped to Nik's belt. "You've been standing there admiring the scenery for the past half hour. I'm bored!" The sound of a boot stamping shot out of the PET's speaker. A holographic screen leapt from the device, rising until it was level with Nik's face. Glaring out of it was Tyci's helmeted image, arms crossed and foot tapping. Nik turned toward his Navi, letting out a small sigh. "Tyci, Tyci, Tyci... You've gotta take the time to appreciate the small things in life. You never know when you won't be able to anymore..." he said, turning back towards the cityscape that sprawled out beneath them. Unconsciously, he added "Ergo wasn't one to stop and smell the roses either..." He caught himself before he went further down that road. Ever since the loss of his former Navi, Ergo had somehow found his way into most of Nik's thoughts.

Tyci, hearing the saddened tone in her NetOp's voice, turned to face the cityscape. The two stood for a while, watching the people in the street going about the business, before Nik broke the silence. "Hey Tyci, what do you say to some virus busting?" he offhandedly asked. "Well, it's about time we did something!" she teased. Nik turned and walked into their new apartment. Despite a leather couch and a decent sized TV, the main room was scarcely furnished. It did, however, have a network connection, and that was what the duo was seeking. Flopping down on the couch, Nik strapped the DataPET to his hand and pulled his store of chips from a bag at his waist. "You ready?" he asked, looking down at the screen. "Come on already!" Tyci responded, her combat mask already drawn above her nose. Nik let out a small chuckle, then activated the transmit protocol.

"Typecast.exe, jack in!"