Waliking around with no purpose...

Everett walked through the square with Fanman by his side. "What to do?" he thought for a second.
He stood in the dead center of the square looking up at the sky. "hm..." he continued to walk around to kill time. He was incredibly bored and didn't want to send Fanman on the net quite yet.
OOC:Hello? (again)

Everett really was bored. He made hi way fro the exit to leave town. He was going to head off to ACDC to train with Fanaman. Or just meet some people. that or he would go back to his house in yoka to chill out. whatever the case, he made his way to the train station an d bought a student ticket because he was still young enough. He looked at the platform where the 2 trains were. He decided to enter the train to head off to Yoka. He wlaked on the train and before he knew it, he was traveling to Yoka.