In the beggining...

Alone on a bench in the middle of town sat a boy who seemed to be about 16. He was waiting for something as it obviously seemed because his eyes were darting back an d forth as if he was expecting something totally out of the blue. He scratched his head for a second and then used it to block out the sunlight that was getting in his eyes. suddenly, his PET beeped telling him it was the topof the hour, and a familiar face popped in on the screen.

"Has he come yet, Everett?" Said the navi designating the boy who was clearly his operator. "No, unfortunelty." he replied with a sigh as he got up and looked around a bit more. It seemed the man they had been waiting for wasn't coming. "Well it seem this was just a hoax, Fanman." Said the boy talking to the navi. "Lets just leave for the day." they walked off into the sunset slowly and calmly. Maybe the man would follow him if this wasn't a hoax, maybe he wouldn't. Everett didn't really know what to think.

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The duo continues their walk into the sunset. After a few hours, they walked past a TV with a jack-in port. "You wanna take a spin on th net?" Asked Everett. "That would be cool." Said Fanman with a bored tone. Everett quickly jacked him in and Fanman entered the net.