Light streamed through the breaks in the blinds, striking the adjacent wall with blinding light in the darkness. Shigeru stirred, but it was simply his sleeping reaction to the light as he turned over. He continued sleeping, but stirred more and more as a voice rang out in the gloom.
Shigeru! Shigeru, wake up! You're late for school!
At the last sentence, Shigeru bolted upright and started putting on his school clothes. He bolted for the door, and was mere inches away when he stopped, and slapped his forehead. Looking at his PET, and using as calm a voice as he could muster, he asked his navi.
Voltman, why did you wake me up for school ON A SATURDAY?!?!?!?
Oh well. So much for calm.
Voltman shrugged, and replied curtly,
I dunno. Kicks?
Shigeru shook his head, and went back to his room. But he didn't go back to sleep. Changing out of his school outfit, he got on a loose fitting pair of jeans, and pulled a black hoodie on to cover the shirt. The lightningbolt on the shirt shone a little, even in the little light from the window.
All right. Let's get going.
Going? Where? Voltman asked, confused.
We have training to do. Shigeru replied, dashing outside and towards the metroline.