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asdasdfgadfgI dunno lol

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I dunno lol


Sieg hurried back to the net battle arena with haste, although, for once, he was in time. If Valkyrie didn't remind him in time they'd be late again. He already missed watching the other matches of his own bracket because of starting his own match so late, even though they finished relatively fast... Dammit, that would've been some good data there! Ah well...

Sieg got caught up in some fine tuning first, then just watching the people in lobby. He would have been watching the matches of the second bracket, if everyone else wasn't so damn tall. So he had to settle for the next best thing... watching people. They arrived and left, and there was a certain flow to it. After a while it was quite evident what's going on in the arena, just from the muttered curses, and the silent cheers of others. Oh, he didn't have a clue who they were, but sometimes he could make an educated guess. Watching the emblems, that was the key. He wondered where this whole emblem thing might have came from, while subconsciously touching the skull on his forehead. In medieval times, people used emblems to distinguish themselves from each other (that whole suit of armor thing made it hard), but it's not like we continued doing that... it has to be part of some kind of genetic subconsciousness that tells people to leave a mark. And we are at the very least past the time when urinating on trees was a socially acceptable way of doing so.

- Shouldn't we get going?
-Hmm...? Oh yeah... Almost forgot. Gotta satisfy your thirst for blood... data.
- You didn't mind when I got that victory for you, did you? Hah, frankly I could do with some more. Capuchin was good but she needs to work on her endurance before her performance can satisfy someone of my... caliber.
- You don't even know who you are up against! [size0]And on a side note, that sounded very, very wrong[/size]
- I don't care! But so be it, who am I going to fight next?
- It's... Enigma.
- ... you don't know?
-No! Its NAME is Enigma. Some guys navi who likes to sound mysterious. So mysterious that I have no idea what gender it is... I mean, it looks like a purple blob, vaguely human.. errr, navi shaped.
- Well, now that I know that I'm fighting strawberryjam-possibly-man.exe, I'm already feeling all better about this!
- Har-har, very funny.

They finally arrived at the end of this quick walk. Standing in the doorway, Sieg shook his head, took a deep breath and finally entered the arena, greeting Ceres with a gesture and a mumbled "Hello...". He took another deep breath and...

-Valkyrie.exe! Jack-in! EXECUTE!
- Haha! That's more like it!