"...There. That's the last of them." The sliver of metal and plastic disappeared into the PET's slot with a faint click. An upbeat chime signalled that the upgrade had gone off without a hitch, accompanied by a pleased "Ooh!" that seemed to signify that it had been well-received. Staff and visitors filed past on their busy ways, seemingly unmindful of this loiterer.

"So, then. How are you feeling?" The beautiful woman in the white coat nestled her back in the corner formed by the tiled wall and the smooth plastic of the payphones, crossing her arms and bringing her PET up to her face. "You don't think you're rejecting them or anything, do you?"

"Mmm... I feel good, sis. Like I finally have some room to stretch out." The navi onscreen raised her arms above her head, illustrating this point with a theatrical stretch. "Those are phones over there, right? Don't be shy! Send me in! I wanna give all this a try!"

"Sure you're not just hungry?" Iris questioned, her face shining with amusement as she slipped over to a vacant phone. "Time to show me what you got, babe." Another chime sounded as the transmission began, Cheshire offering a sarcastic salute before disappearing into the network.