((From Navi Shop))

Mazer looked at the small map in the bus stop, and noticed one of the buildings in the scilabs complex had a little PET symbol next to the building number.
{Hm... I guess I'll try there first.}

Mazer walked off in the direction of the building of interest, and passed several others on his way. There were several labs, a convenience store, and what appeared to be a lounge of some sort. Maybe a place for the scientists and technicians to relax? He looked at the building numbers and managed to find the building from the map. He looked over towards the entrance, and saw signs reading "PET repair" and "PET upgrades sold here" among other things. He walked through the doorway as the doors opened, and a chime rang as he entered. Mazer felt the mat in the entryway was a little raised, so it may have been a pressure sensor.

The shop wasn't very large, but there were shelves with different merchandise like PET, Tech, and Gadget magazines, cleaning solutions, decals, and even screen protectors. Most of the shop consisted of a long counter, and behind it on the walls were numbered samples of different PET housings. There were also several brand-new PETs, and some of them had very hefty price-tags. The counter was glass, and had some shelves underneath, which contained an impressive array of PET accessories, add-ons, and replacement parts.

The chime prompted a man wearing a polo shirt and khakis to appear from behind one of the tall shelves behind the counter, and past a table that appeared to be used to work on PETs, like a workshop. He smiled as he saw Mazer and gave a slight wave.
Hello! How can I help you?

Mazer smiled back as he approached the counter and pulled his PET from his backpack.
"My PET is equipped with a small projector, but I really haven't used it much, and I can't seem to upgrade it to project holograms. Have anything that can help me out?"

The man furrowed his brow and squinted slightly as he looked at the little lens on the top of the PET. He reached towards it, but then stopped. He then raised an eyebrow and gestured towards the PET.
"Oh yes, it's not fragile or anything"

The man picked up the PET and had a closer look at the projector lens and read the model number engraved into the lens housing.
Hm... this is a pretty old projector. I've never heard of anyone successfully converting it into a holo-projector, I think it's just too outdated in my opinion.
"I see... what would you recommend in terms of an upgrade?"

After he put the PET down, he took a step over towards his workshop table before he grabbed a screwdriver-like tool and very skillfully popped the whole projector assembly out of the PET; it basically worked like one of those old USB devices, for easy replacement.
We have a few different kinds of holo-projectors, but this is the most popular model.
He slid open a door to access the shelves under the counter, and pulled out a little battery-sized device with a dome-shaped lens on top.
I've been selling these for a while, and haven't had a single one come back in for maintenance or replacement. The software that comes with it allows for some pretty nifty effects as well. I've seen customers come in with some very creative uses for the projector.
"I see."

Mazer looked at the price tag; it was a pretty decent price, and he had enough zenny saved up to splurge on an upgrade.
"You have me convinced! So how long does it take to install and set up?"

The man smiled and lined up the new projector with Mazer's PET before he slid it into the jack and clicked it into position. He then took a soft cloth and cleaned off the lens before he handed it back to Mazer.
Now since they've finally standardized the basic layout of PETs, installation is a breeze. You'll have to set up the program though, but the included data card gives you pretty easy instructions to configure the projector.
"Alright, thank you very much, sir."

He popped his zenny card from the PET and handed it to the man before he inserted it into his register and charged the price to Mazer's account. He then handed it back to him along with the software card.
Glad I could help. Have a good day!
"You too!"

Mazer walked out of the store and retraced his steps back to the bus stop, where he waited for a few minutes for the bus to arrive before he caught one to ACDC.

((To ACDC))