Suloy & LashMan Start!

Impatiently, Suloy tapped his left foot. This job could be just plain tiring at times, he knew well. Long at last the elevator door opened, so he stepped inside with a smirk.

"About time." He growled softly.

LashMan didn't argue. "I could say we were waiting here for hours!"

With a quick glance at his PET, Suloy pressed a button with his foot. This pizza HAD to get there quick.
As soon as the elevator door opened again, Suloy rushed to the floor's main desk.

"Dr ____? Right down that hallway. Office 4101" The receptionist responded with a smile after hearing Suloy say where he had to deliver the pizza.

By the time he reached the door and dropped off the pizza, his feet were aching. He needed a little fun. On spotting a white lab coat hanging on the wall, he carefully took it off and donned it.

"LashMan, do you know where I can jack in?"
"Try the coffee maker. I hear it connects directly."

Suloy moved towards the coffee machine and connected wirelessly.

LashMan zoomed into the square.
Jacks In!
Cross Post: Jacks Out

After a few minutes of fooling around, LashMan decided to check the BBS. He was rudely interrupted by Suloy.

"Hey, jack out. I've got to get back to work." He said, taking off the lab coat and heading to put it back. He bumped into a scientist who was looking around, somewhat randomly.

"This your coat?" Suloy asked. When the scientist confirmed it, Suloy handed it over.

"You'd better ramp up security." Suloy suggested, head back towards the elevator.