A nighttime stroll.

A blond haired teen jogged up the Metroline steps and looked around eagerly, a large smile on his face.

Zeo, after a few hours of rest, had caught the train to SciLab with the intention of buying more upgrades. At the last minute, he changed his mind and opted to bother his navi first. Turning on his PET, he smiled at ViralMan, who was just waking up. "Morning, sunshine." From inside the device, the gray navi glanced out at Zeo's surroundings.

"What? It's pitch black out here!" he exclaimed.

Parking himself on a bench, Zeo nodded. "I know. It was just a figure of speech. I took a nap, and when I woke up, it was evening, so I came here."

"Why at night?" his navi asked.

Zeo pointed the PET at a telephone pole featuring a port. "Because there's no one around, compared to daytime Electown." ViralMan frowned. "It was your fault. You picked when you wanted to go." He raised his palms in defeat. "Ugh, whatever. I feel well enough. Let's go." He punched a fist into an open palm. Eagerly, his operator complied, sending him into SciLab's network with the press of a button.
Rising from the bench, Zeo began to walk in the direction of the Navi Shop. Seconds later he stopped and looked around. It was still pretty dark, with streetlights illuminating some areas. "I doubt the shop's open now. Maybe I could sleep some more..."

"More? I thought you just took a nap? You can't just splay out and sleep in the grass!" ViralMan shouted.

Doing just that, Zeo returned the PET to its holster and placed his hands behind his head. "It's fine, this is SciLab, not some Netopian slum. Wake me up in the morning," he ordered drowsily, closing his eyes.

"Fine..." said a disgruntled ViralMan finally.


"Hey! Sleeping beauty! It's morning!"

Zeo's eyes flickered open to blaring sunshine. He shielded his eyes and got to his feet, drawing odd looks from some passing scientists. "Thanks, ViralMan. I slept pretty well."

ViralMan smiled. "I'm surprised you could sleep outside on a whim. Well, less money spent on hotels or Metroline fare, I suppose. Now, Navi Shop?"

Nodding enthusiastically, Zeo set off for the shop not far from his current location.